An Overview of Common and Perplexing Interview Questions (Chapter 1)

To come out of any interview with flying colors you need a bit of preparation beforehand and it goes without saying that some of the questions can be pretty much usual, while others may leave you perplexed and flummoxed. Let us examine some of them and the appropriate responses that would help you land the coveted job.

Interview Question

Skill Set

Well the adequate response could go something like this. I see myself in senior role, managing an important portfolio within the organization. In any job interview your skills are tested first hand, you may be even asked to demonstrate it in practice.

Break Into a Sweat

Break Into a SweatIt is not just the freshers, even experienced people at times break into a sweat just at the mention of an interview. You may find some of the questions, to be mundane, regular stuff, what matters is your confidence, poise, and the attitude that decides whether you land the job or not.

Strengths and Weaknesses

And within those responses there would be definitive clues pertaining to your strengths and weaknesses, with regards to your suitability for a particular job. Now, instead of frittering your time and energy regarding the outcomes of the job interview, you need to look for that one particular answer, even if it seemingly appears to be a personal one.

Tricky Questions

At times tricky questions would be thrown your way in order to flummox you. Whenever you are stuck in such a situation use your wit and grit to come out with flying colors. A question may go something like this, how do you see yourself 5 years down the line.

Cross Question

Tricky QuestionsBe prepared to be cross questioned as an interview is basically a skill test. When applicants are unable to understand common interview questions, they get stumped, and keep on stumbling in the future as well. The standard questions are based on the premise that, they would be able to elicit an adequate response.

The Verdict

The only prerequisite from your side is that, while answering the same, you must appear confident and composed which would lend you the credibility as being the perfect option for the job. It is the way you go about answering, the sort of words you use and the level of confidence you display alongside your attitude conveys a whole lot about you to the recruiter and in turn helps them to arrive at a judgement.

Career Experts

Career ExpertYou may still have your doubts, whether or not, you are a perfect match for the job in question. Don’t fret, just pay attention to the advice rendered by career experts and you would easily come out of the interview with flying colors. Some sample questions could go like this, why should we hire you? The most appropriate answer would be, you would get a great platform to showcase your talents, skills and knowledge.

Final Words

Again another question could arise like, what are the reasons behind leaving your previous job. The proper answer could be something on these lines, in order to be able to enhance my skill set I am looking for still better opportunities. Now that you have got a fair idea of the interview process you can approach the entire thing with confidence, keep following career specialists for outstanding inputs, that would help you advance your career at a fast pace.

These Uncomfortable Deeds Will Make You More Successful

Someone aptly said, comfort zone is indeed a beautiful place, but nothing of consequence ever grows there, in essence life begins at the extreme end of your comfort zone, this is where the magic happens.

The Magic

magicTill the time you are going to be staying within the cocooned safety of your comfort zone you are not going to improve. For your betterment you have to leave your comfort zone for good and the sooner the better.

Soar Into the Stratosphere

The Very act of stepping out of your comfort zone is a strong determinant of your success and well-being. It is quite interesting to know that our brains are wired in such a manner, that it becomes difficult to take any sort of action up until the time we sense some degree of stress and relative discomfort. Fact remains, performance always soars into the stratosphere and peaks sky high, when you are well out of your comfort zone.

Inaction — The Greatest Mistake

It is very rightly said, that when you happen to be too comfortable, your performance suffers gravely due to inaction, again the opposite is also not very palatable, on has got to strike a balance. If you happen to venture too far outside of your comfort zone, you are more likely to melt down from harsh stress.

Peak Performance

Perform BetterIt is said that peak performance and stress do go hand in hand, stepping outside the comfort zone does make you a far better person, and you don’t need to be climbing mount Everest or something close to it. When you happen to pay attention you will find that, it is the everyday tasks and challenges that happen to  push the boundaries the most.

Exhilarating Experience

All you need to do is step out of your comfort zone and readily accept these challenges by incorporating certain changes, like getting up earlier than your usual time. Accomplishing a seemingly impossible goal is an exhilarating experience.


Brain Density

Both Sides of Your BrainIt is indeed very good for your brain, in as much as it is quite soothing for the brain and is tranquilizing as well. Neuroscientists have found that meditation does create important as well as discernible physical  changes in the practitioner’s brain. The brain density is perceptibly increased in those areas of your brain that are responsible for problem solving, focusing, flexibility, self control, resilience and the best part is these changes happen to be really long lasting.

Proven Technique

Again meditation is indeed a great and proven technique to help you slow down, when you are so busy and stuck in your comfort zone that you find it difficult to exactly do that, being hardly able to think what you are doing and why you are doing it. The process plays a crucial role in breaking this cycle.

Final Thoughts

It helps if you focus on one thing at a given point in time, try and volunteer purely for altruistic reasons, it is a powerful tool that will transform you beyond your wildest dreams, that too in a positive manner.

Where Do You Fall on the Experience Curve?

If you have observed the phenomenon of job search closely, you would be able to distinctly recall, two types of people who would seemingly be struggling in their pursuit of a better life, which is indeed the ultimate goal, by landing a  better job and building a better career.

The Two Extremes

They happen to be under qualified and overqualified people. There is very good reason for this, the ones who are under qualified most certainly find themselves not being taken very seriously by the employers.  And on the other hand the ones who are overqualified are woefully unable to convince their employers that the job is way beneath their capabilities.

Debilitating Career Pain

Changes Lives and CareersBoth of them happen to be in serious and debilitating career pain. It really hurts when you find yourself in a quandary, feeling rather helpless, And are unable to sort things out for yourself and eventually unable to fix the problem. Well there is infact no reason to feel dejected and be despotic about making a headway, for there is always light at the end of the tunnel provided you look for it and trudge along the tricky career path with its attendant ups and downs.

Typical Career Lifecycle

To begin with, we need to take a deep and hard look on a typical career life-cycle, essentially it follows the experience curve without fail. Typically one starts out in his or her career with close to something of a zero experience, working year after year, and with multiple jobs under your belt, you tend to build your skill set, as well as the expertise working over a significant period of time, this invariably leads to you earning the respect, trust and the assistance of employers.

Better Employment Opportunities

employeeeeThis in turn leads you to better employment opportunities with higher salaries. Now it goes without saying , you need to devote your attention the most on continuous learning, and growing with time. It must be understood very clearly that one needs to keeps one’s skills to be extremely relevant by being extremely sensitive and attuned to the needs of the employers, for if you do the contrary you have set yourself up for a downward slide, falling down to the other side of the curve is a very real possibility.

Demand and Supply

All of a sudden you find yourself in a tricky situation, where you are deemed overqualified and no sooner this happens, the universal law of demand and supply suddenly kicks in. Try and understand, there is no company in the world ever willing to pay for the skills, it does not require or need at all in the first place. Never ever come across as a person who is jack of all trades and who costs way too much.

Workplace Persona

WorkplaceRather focus on your specialities, come across as a person who has the right aptitude personality and experience to do the job in the best possible manner. Try and bring value to the organization by assuming the right workplace persona, this way it would be easier for you to convince them that you are the best person for the job.

Final Words

Do try to make up with enthusiasm for what you seemingly lack in experience in the event you come across as under qualified. When you come across as overqualified, try to simplify things for your prospective employers, this way you would be able to bolster your chances of employment despite the odds being against you.

Check Out These High Paying Professions Sans Big Degrees

Don’t fret if you do not have time, money, energy or above all the willingness to pursue a bachelor’s degree or a masters for that matter. You are not doomed for failure as many would like you to believe.


VisualizationIf you look objectively at the entire educational setup, you would clearly be able to see that highly expensive degrees are not as paying, as they once used to be. Now that you have convinced yourself of relatively lesser importance of educational degrees or your lack of it, don’t lose heart. You are not going to face a tough time earning a livelihood or get under debt many times over. Whenever you find yourself on shaky ground just visualize some dropouts and see where they ended, with criminal gangs or engaging in nefarious activities, doing drugs, detested by the society, rendered unproductive.

Dropouts by Choice

Well this is one end of the spectrum, at the other end are people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, who Dropoutswere dropouts by choice and they made something out of their lives, gifted the world some new technological innovations and changed the way the world communicated, in short they heralded the computer revolution, in other words they were the harbinger of the technological era in the true sense. They became legends in their lifetimes and left a positive and highly powerful example for others to emulate. Unlike the dropouts who lacked focus, self discipline and direction hence they glided rudderless and made a mess of their lives.

Burning Desire to Succeed

All it takes is positive thinking, proper planning, perseverance, grit and determination and a burning desire to succeed. You would in fact be mighty amazed at the plethora of job options that happen to be the highest paying ones, without the need for you to pursue advanced degrees at the onset. The list happens to be a long one, but should not be construed to be limited to only these many options. The more popular ones are fitness trainers, radio jockey, voice over artists, freelance photographers, BPO professionals, network support personnels, gaming managers, web developers, multimedia artists, professional but ethical hackers, commercial driver’s, real estate brokers, commercial pilots, event managers and many more.

Passport to Success

successSo far so good, and till now you were thinking that a great degree with an awesome percentile was your passport to success, think again. For instance a professional freelance photographer makes good money, this profession hinges more on skills rather than your educational qualifications. The most important thing over and above everything else is your high degree of interest in the field and the ability to click outstanding pictures, you can work part time, to begin with and gradually move to full time engagement. These days almost every website or travel portal for that matter and media agencies, are always on the lookout for conceptual as well unique photographs. After your 12 standard, you may get trained online or become an apprentice for a renowned photographer.

Final Words

Sky is the limit, once you are able to pick up the ropes. Again, you don’t have to rack your brains a lot as the rapid acceptance, proliferation and expansion of internet has lead to emerging professions like ethical hackers, who secure the cyber-world and earn a lot, online courses are available and an inclination for tech is enough and the list goes on.

The Chameleon and Mule Approach to Manage Job Chaos

We put in our best efforts to keep the trails of our professional life far from being rough as well as manage our personal affairs as smoothly as possible, despite our noble intentions chaos strikes back and throws everything into a state of disarray.

The Right Timing

Quality TimeIt is quite interesting to observe that on closer scrutiny you will find the chameleons and the mules to be at the opposite ends of the spectrum, however when you attempt a spectacular combination between the two, by employing the right timing, disruption gets minimized and amazing things happen.

State of Flux

An analogy with a pro mountain biker would bring some clarity. During such times, something of an inner suspension gives in, kicking us hard where it hurts the most. Then there are times when the rider has no choice left but to simply get off the bike, and figure out how to move forward, things begin to appear a bit scary and one is left at their wits end. When we are unable to understand the mechanics of a given situation, as the mechanics themselves happen to be in a state of flux, accomplishing job goals seems to be a daunting task, veritably impossible.

Comfort Zone

ComfortableOn the face of it one may find the situation to be frustrating and assume that nothing can be done about it. However the fact remains, managing such a  chaotic situation is entirely possible. It calls you to step out of your regular routine, you have got to be a chameleon one minute and a stubborn mule the very next minute.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Till such time you are unable to understand the nature of chaos, you would be unable to do anything credible and concrete to mitigate the situation. There comes a time, when you are able to see light at the end of the tunnel, so the moment you see a way out of the situation, take the lifeline, be it a vacancy for an employment in an ongoing recruitment process or something quite similar, you have to remain committed and absolutely true to your path, irrespective of what gets thrown in your way, a job or whole lot of challenging jobs, they should be unable to unsettle you.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Adopting the chameleon and mule approach is the like putting your best foot forward, it will equip you not just with the required know how, but also enable you to take your folks alongside, all the way out of a chaotic situation no matter how rotten and desperate things seem to be. Initially it will help you to adapt and learn and then garner the required strength to effect necessary changes.

Final Words

You may be amazed to know that flexibility works wonders, when the situation is in charge of us rather than the other way round. Sometimes strength comes from taking in the blows that the situation mercilessly throws at you and the person or persons who emerge unscathed are no doubt much stronger than the they were in the first place.

How to Keep Pace With the Constantly Changing Job World?

In an ever changing world, change is the only constant that we can relate to, same is true in the world of work as well. When humans started leading a settled life, as opposed to their hunter gatherer existence, helping hands were required in the agrarian societies, all was well until the first industrial revolution swept the world followed by a second industrial revolution.

Hit a Plateau

Daunting ChallengeThings had got staid and hit a plateau before the IT or the computer revolution took over the world by a storm. Having said that it is quite difficult to predict the future with any degree of certainty, especially when it comes to technological progress. The year was 1876 when the monopolist of the time, western union, engaged in delivering wire messages within the United States, communicated in an internal memo, the telephone has way too many shortcomings to be considered as a serious means of communication and a threat to its business.

Bleak Prophecy

Alexander Graham Bell might be squirming in his grave till this date. Tell the same to any smartphone user these days and you would be greeted by a perplexing, bewildered look, can one imagine life these days without a personal mobile computing device, so much so for the bleak prophecy of western union way back in the eighteenth century.

A Holistic ViewInterview Jitters

In the year 1943 IBM had predicted a world market of just five computers, the reality in this day and age is a standard household has roughly five or more computers in most parts of the world, ranging from desktops to laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Well it was not always like this, mainframe computers used to occupy couple of rooms. Nevertheless the future pace of computerization and the adoption of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, will decide the way the world views jobs.

The Work Environment

Work EnvironmentGiven this scenario of a rapidly changing world, the business and work environment, the type of vacancy you come across in the ongoing recruitment scenario, and the employment opportunities that come your way, the job responsibilities are invariably changing both on an individual basis as well as member of an organization’s team. Each one of us needs to prepare ourselves for a rapidly shifting work environment.

An Understanding of Change

Some tips would be apt and helpful in helping us to deal with change in an effective manner, for the betterment of our careers and our organizations as well. The primary measures that can be taken to adapt to change could be on these lines. It all starts by becoming more aware of your situation, you ought to develop an understanding of change, building up skills as well as knowledge.

Unexpected Forces of Change

Combining of ForcesAt the same time one needs to be aware of the current situation. As things stand you are in a prime position to be overwhelmed most likely by hitherto unexpected forces of certain change. People often tend to miss out on important information, when they go ahead and employ selective habits, perceptions and specializations in order to keep themselves from inadvertently getting exposed to fresh ideas they may not wish to hear as it is unpalatable to them.

Final Words

An ostrich mentality of assuming and pretending that no change is going to disrupt the status quo is wishful thinking. Change is going to be a part of our working lives, it is better we adopt ways and means to keep pace with it or get drowned in the deluge. We have got to make a choice, ride the wave of change or get overwhelmed by it and suffer in the process, there is no denying change is a reality and it is here to stay.

Adopt These Risk Taking Strategies to Achieve Job Goals

It is generally said that taking risks is relatively easier when you happen to be young. For this very reason you would find people taking giant risks early on in their lives, like moving from Europe to Asia, walking away from a stable life, a cushy, comfortable job in a large financial institution and move almost halfway around the world to start a brand new career of running their own agency.

Jump Into the Unknown

Design Your LifeThis jump into the unknown is indeed a very tough decision and a simple one at the same time. The reason for this is the consequences of the act impacts only the person taking the plunge. Running the business, entails taking a number of risks, the thing about taking risks early on is, the way you think about risk changes dramatically in comparison to being risk averse from the word go. After undergoing this experience, the way you approach new decisions tends to be really different.

Life Changing Decisions

Things do change, when you plan to start a family, at this juncture, you are not alone, you have a wife and are in the process of becoming a proud father. It may involve effecting major changes, like learning a new culture, an altogether different business, and in the process prove yourself all over again in a brand new organization in a city that is totally new to you. Many excuses abound if you want to play it safe, having said that, it is really essential in your life to be able to identify the decisions, that have the potential to be life changing and take them at the right point in time.

The Biggest Risk

Choose-Little-Risk-over-RegretAnd when you go ahead and take calculated risks in such circumstances you never ever regret it, because conditions change as time moves on. Later on when you take the time to reflect on these decisions, you would invariably find that as time passed by, you gained more experience with taking risks. The thing is with all the different risks which you have taken over the years, you surely have gone ahead and learnt the way risk works. As is said no risk is the biggest risk of all.

The Desired Trajectory

The learning outcome is quite plain and simple, as you grow and mature in your personal and individual capacity, or even as an organization, you should not absolutely stop taking risks. However what is called for is the need to surely become all the more intelligent, about the way you approach risks. Larger corporations, list taking risks as one of their core values, as they believe it a valuable thing to preserve the startup company culture of taking reasonable risks as that is the only way the organization’s mission can be fulfilled in the right earnest while maintaining the desired trajectory.

Final Words

Intelligent risks are paramount in building a company and maintaining future growth as well. This applies right across the board, be it a job, fill in a vacancy, running employment and recruitment drives. Bold organizations as well as bold people come across as quite inspiring and such people motivate their team with intelligent risk taking, these bold ideas tend to be contagious, and is crucial not just for surviving but thriving as well.