The goal of a well written resume is to grab the attention of the potential employer at the very onset, encourage them to read on, leaving them with an impression that you are the best person for the job. Few practices impede with that goal of clearly communicating the message, when you apply for jobs online. You surely need to avoid the following on your resume when you happen to be looking for a job.

  • Getting the focus all wrong
  • Typos in your resume
  • Resume is too long
  • Resume is not very readablelooking for a job
  • The name appears in the word header
  • Resume doesn’t include keywords
  • Listing experience instead of accomplishments
  • Use of vague verbs and adjectives
  • Run of the mill resume
  • Lying /exaggerating on the resume

Don’t dwell on your past laurels instead focus your energy, on what you ought to do next when you are looking for a job. Tailor your resume to the job when you apply for jobs online, without basking in the glory of past achievements. It is difficult for any job hunter to grasp the basic fact that s/he is not writing the resume for himself / herself. You create the resume, format and organize it to make it easy for a recruiting manager to assess your fit into the job being offered. It is imperative you tailor your resume to each new job you approach as the job itself is unique with attendant requirements. For a particular given position you need to highlight relevant experience and accomplishments that demonstrate your expertise in the particular position. Do not include anything that is not really applicable to the present job position. Instead concentrate on incorporating those instances where you demonstrated ingenuity and organizational skills for accomplishing success.


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