The objective statement held a prominent place on the resume in the good ol days. In fact they started off the resumes in the nineties and read somewhat on the following lines.

Objective: A sales job where I can contribute to the company’s growth while continuing to advance my career.

Well no one in their right frame of mind would attempt to replicate this resume feature from the nineties in the year 2015 as job search engines have taken over. If you do it would be construed as not keeping with the times. It helps to bear in mind, times have changed and recruiters whether inteApply For Jobs Onlinernal or external are in the least bit interested about the benefits you receive; they care only the benefits the organization will receive.

Matter of fact, the despised objective has now reincarnated as summary statement and incorporating it in the resume is critical to say the least. This becomes all the more important because you precisely have only 120 seconds of the recruiter’s attention span to offer a fast match between your resume and the job. With keyword search fueled by job search engines being the order of the day, the critical title keyword or in other words, the job title, objective or summary is one thing you can never afford to ignore, you may do so at your own peril as 70% of large companies employ applicant tracking systems. All your time and energies on the resume would be wasted and your efforts would come to a naught.


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