How To Ace It

It is also generally referred to as an informational conversation; essentially it is a meeting in which a potential job seeker and an employed professional sit down together. It starts with the job seeker seeking advice on their career, the industry as a whole, the prevalent corporate culture, the potential future of the workplace. This also lends an opportunity for a representative of the company in question to learn more about the jobseeker and assess their professional potential and capabilities. It serves as a great tool for jobseekers that are looking for a job.

An Opportunity To Learn & Share

One should think of them as regular interviews, you go for one with the mindset of learning and sharing, and not to ask for a job specifically. You need to follow certain guidelines and conduct yourself in a professional manner to be able to make the most out of the whole process. Certain pointers in that direction include displaying universejobsprofessionalism from the word go, arrive on time demonstrate comfort not sloppiness. You need to take the lead in initiating the conversation and get it flowing. Ask open ended questions, listen intently to the responses and keep taking notes.

Try And Be Of Help

If the opportunity presents itself, grab it with both hands, and provide some sort of help to the professional contact. Listen and truly understand their problems and come up with a credible solution to their problems. This is one of the most powerful things that can ever occur in an informational interview situation. It has the potential to translate the informational interview into a job offer itself at some point in time. Never shy from offering your expertise to the potential employer, even though it is not a formal interview at the moment. You may never know when the opportunity presents itself.

It is a Rewarding Affair

You need to be watching the clock to end the interview at the scheduled time, unless and until the contact decides otherwise to extend the time. One should always be respectful of time, it is the bare minimum requirement expected out of a professional.

They are quite informative, a whole lot rewarding and lots of fun, as the pressure to perform is not there and it is an informal meeting at the best sans the rigidity of a job interview.

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