Pay and Job Satisfaction


Do We Work for Money Only?

Is money the fundamental reason for most of us to work, well some amount of money is required to meet all the basic necessities of life. It is a given fact that money is measurable and tangible. For these reasons it certainly acts as a motivator for many employees. The question that naturally arises in our minds is whether money is enough of a motivation fordedicated employees. Do keep this in mind when looking for a job.

Given the complexity of human behavior, it becomes a bit difficult to pinpoint the extent to which money really affects employee motivation. The ability to work on your own terms provides a great fillip to employee morale. Nobody in his right mind would go to the extent of saying money is not in the reckoning as a motivating factor for employees. Money and benefits do go a long way in motivating employees, job search websites offer helpful information, do make it a point to check them every now and then.

It is true at the same time that employees do expect to be paid fairly. If you look at the other end of the spectrum over paying employees does precious little to motivate them harder and harder, towards achieving the organizational goals. Looking at money one can justly say it is highly motivational, but leveraging on money only is not a very wise thing to do, it is downright right silly at times. The plain truth remains, money motivates only to a certain extent, not beyond, most job seekers website subscribe to this view.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivationemployee-with-carrot

When you happen to apply for jobs online take the trouble of scratching beneath the surface, you would be clearly able to see that employees are motivated as long as personal goals are being met and the salary is commensurate with performance. Beyond that money does not seem to significantly increase happiness for people after all of their basic necessities of life have been met. Surprisingly it may turn out, people’s satisfaction experienced with their salary, is in large parts independent of their actual salary. It seems that extrinsic / material rewards do very little to affect intrinsic motivation.

Automation and migration of jobs have brought about a decline in the number of jobs with repetitive component, organizations have become flatter. In today’s work dynamics, a routine and bureaucratic environment has given way to more meaningful and satisfying work ethos, where people get to learn more cutting edge skills and are allowed to find their own ways of accomplishing tasks. This insight would certainly be helpful when you feel the urge of saying help me find a job and do that on your own terms and entirely to your satisfaction with a bit of research on best online job search websites.




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