Motivation Drives Performance


What Employers look for?

Do you dream about a job, if so what kind of a job is it going to be? Now think of it from a company’s perspective. Well companies too dream of candidates, they actively seek the ones whom customers, business partners love to have around and this is not without good reason. The ability to forge emotional relationships with colleagues and customers is not just a desirable trait but an essential one. A cool, clinical, detached interaction with a person is bound to leave a bland impression, whereas a passionate person on the other hand is remembered for a long time, not just because of what the person said or did but for the pulsating energy that remains long after the passionate persona has left the place.Job search websites have a great deal of information on this.

Charisma is Energizing

The potent combination of energy and passion exceeds just academic excellence; you need to be passionate about your work as passion creates positive energy, you come across as an authentic person. Job search engines help with pertinent information. Your interactions with people leave them with lasting positive vibes. Your energy, enthusiasm, excitement and charisma are contagious, they create a positive image and you end up being relatively successful with colleagues and customers alike. People most certainly enjoyworking with vibrant, convincing, compelling and smiling faces rather than timid and self doubting personalities.

What Inspires You

To truly come across as a genuinely passionate person, you need to be motivated enough, that is the driving force which will take you forward. You need to figure out what is your internal motivation and external motivation. Internal or intrinsic motivation is by far the strongest of all, which is not dependent on outside sources, it comes from within, and it does not look towards anyone for any tangible reward in return. The process itself is the reward and the most satisfying one at that. Best job search websites will offer more insights, make it a point to check them out.

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