Enhance the New Hire Experience


New Hires are Not Seasoned Pros

After conducting a student job search a new employee lands at their dream work place wondering what next. Expecting new hires to just show up and start working is like asking a bit too much. Again it is far fetched and wishful thinking on the part of employers to assume the new hires would automatically know everything they need to do the very moment they enter the workforce. This indeed happens to be a major paradox in today’s workplaces. It is one of the worst impediments that exist in most organizations today.

It seems to be an incredible assumption that people looking for a job would come all geared up and ready to work. To expect the best performance from raw, inexperienced people is indeed unfair before being shown around by way of orientation with tangibles and intangibles. The greatest dichotomy is organizations hiring talent advisers to lure unsuspecting youngsters into their fold with a rosy promise of easy transition into the work culture and the immediate environment. New hires are better equipped in terms of know how, technical capability, but they do need to learn how a particular company goes about doing things.

Proper On boarding

One needs to bear in mind new joiners who apply online need with just the basics, and the education on their part. on boarding and training is crucial on the part of the company to give the right perspective to employees, what they get to hear, see and feel once hired. Transparency is the first thing that makes a lasting impression on the impressionable minds of young employees. Matter of factually speaking new employees come with a fresh mindset, positive and hardworking attitude, at this juncture support and direction is critical or else it would lead to a negative fallout resulting in unhappy and unproductive employees, who would ultimately distance them from the organization.

A standardized on boarding program goes a long way in retaining talented employees, this sends across positive vibes, that you are happy to have them in the organization and look forward to a long and fruitful association. Best online job search sites offer great resources on this important exercise.

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