Smart Social Networking


It Is a Changed Landscape

Social media has changed the physical and the virtual landscape in more ways than one. It’s most important contribution is to lend the consumers a collective voice in an unresponsive marketplace not so long ago. Add to this the humongous data crisscrossing the entire globe via multitude of users. Forward thinking organizations do not shy from harnessing the advantages its usage can accrue; even employment agencies make real good use of social networking for their day to day functioning.

While it can impact companies positively, it can also affect the lives of people in a negative manner. Personal content created and shared on the internet is going to live forever. Once you hit the send button, it is public without any possibility or recourse of remotest recall, the content may go viral in no time, remorse notwithstanding. You need to bear the same when looking for a job.

Once it goes up, it Lives Forever

Information supposedly deleted from the internet can be retrieved using specially created technologies. Special websites employing such technology latches on to multiple search engines, which happen to share the same content, besides the cached copies and downloaded content, one can easily see it is virtually impossible to truly and surely wipe something out.

Now imagine a situation where you happen to be interviewing for your dream job and the interviewer plays some nasty video of yours or it could be an innocuous or not so innocuous photo video or comment on the social media that has come to haunt you at the most inopportune moment. Well this is not funny at all. This may not be your reality but it well can turn out to be true as well, be vigilant of the above phenomenon especially during a student job search.

The virtual playground

By now the feeling has dawned upon you, there can be potentially serious consequences of sharing everything on social media. The virtual playground calls for revisiting the value of privacy, and acting appropriately exercising restraint, because it is said if you act in haste now you will repent in leisure. It pays to stay on the right side of the grey line, check a good job seeker’s website for more on the same.


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