Unleash Your Remarkable Potential


Your Thinking Affects Your Career

You have been hopping job searching websites for a while, for a moment have you thought, how your thinking habits affect your job search or your career. How you could unleash your potential by challenging your assumptions and expanding your thinking. Well you can certainly get cutting edge insight on going about challenging your thinking and developing newer avenues of thoughts for your career progression. It might be the case that you are still thinking inside the box, this is causing you not to truly explore, what your future could really look like career wise. And in all probability you may not be able to optimize your opportunities as well.

Question Your Thinking

To begin with you must analyze patterns and question your thinking, for lack of questioning an assumption, or misinterpretation thereof can have unpleasant consequences. Let us take a look at how the high and mighty err and face the consequences of their decisions. One company turned down the patent for telephone as it resembled a toy. Another sewing machine company assumed people would continue to get their clothes repaired, however it turned out, threads got stronger and clothes got cheaper. Think with an open mind when you apply for jobs online.

Lessons from the Leaders

A century old company banking on its laurels thought its new beverage would do well, the opposite turned out to be true. The recording industry tried to contain peer to peer networks, it turns out they are not quite happy the way things have panned out. Digital photography patents were unable to contain camera phones, despite patents by photography biggies. At that time it was thought the picture quality of camera phones would never improve. The cell phone industry has dented the chances of the watch industry, which reigned supreme for a very long time. Not that cell phone industry leaders did not have the foresight, somehow their bias against physical keyboards proved to be their undoing. Keep the above in mind during universal jobs search.

Watch Your Thoughts

When heavyweights falter and fail, ordinary folks can take a cue and use the same to incorporate adjustments and improvements for a fulfilling work and personal life. Continuously question purpose and objectives, this would bring in more clarity, more effectiveness, better decisions, and better outcomes. Seek an alternative perspective. And finally adjust your mindset and methodology. If you are able to incorporate these into your thinking, you would always be prepared for perpetual and unpredictable change, once you have trained yourself in this manner; there is no stopping you, at all. Are you still asking yourself this, how to find a job, well with this mindset the job will find you in all likelihood?

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