On a Career Plateau


Ebb and Flow

It is only human to expect our careers to be always on an upward climb with constant excitement never ebbing off. Well this may be desired, but is simply not going to be true throughout the career. You would come across times when work would not be that much exciting.  This may not even be related to climbing the career ladder. Well what to do when the creeping feeling of career progression is getting stalled sets in. Well this is true when you are working as well as looking for a job, unable to land one of your choice, a job search plateau of sorts looms in the horizon.

The Plateau Effect

We need to understand one fundamental law of nature, it is known as the Plateau Effect and afflicts just about anyone, be it scientists, athletes, therapists, musicians, companies, individuals around the world. The first and the foremost thing we need to learn is how to identify plateaus only then would you be able to break through any stagnancy in your life, no matter it pertains to your career, as in where to find a job, if that is keeping you occupied or other areas of your life.

The Flattening Forces

Next you need to have an idea on how to break through the plateaus, by turning off the forces that cause people to really get used to the things, while at the same time be able to turn on human happiness and potential in seemingly impossible ways. Familiarize yourself with the flattening forces that generate plateaus, how to go about engineering a plateaus destruction, achieve peak behavior in tandem. We need to be stop wasting time on things that no longer possess intrinsic value. Again we need to focus on things that leverage our time and energy in spectacular ways. This equally holds true when you are trying to find jobs abroad, watch out for dampeners in the process.

Plateau Destruction

Anything you may want to do better, playing guitar, making friends, communicating, running a business, advancing your career, you can accomplish the same much faster by making properly understanding the plateau effect. Taking about your career if you feel that you are in a bit of a lull, you may need to look outside of work to recharge yourself with a new skill or sport; this in itself would create additional energy to move out of the plateau. Trying a sideways move may also be a viable option at times, for a promising career trajectory check best on-line job search sites.


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