The Perfect Income for Happiness

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Employee Job Satisfaction

Come to think of it what all contributes to overall employee satisfaction, and do high salaries make for more satisfied employees, or is it they become more complacent once their finances are secure. On the surface employees would apparently rate better monetary compensation as an indicator of higher satisfaction levels in any employee satisfaction survey. Well when we begin scratching the surface and start digging a bit deeper, we find there are myriad other factors at play as well. This brings us to the monetary consideration you factor in when you apply for jobs online.

Can Money Buy Happiness

So let us try and isolate the correlation between money and happiness. It appears that factors like the location or state you are currently working in, education, gender, years of experience, industry, employer size, and job title as well as the employment scenario. Keep these in mind while you are looking for a job. The way things seem to actually work is for every tenfold increase in salary per se, only one point increase is registered for overall company satisfaction which translates into employee satisfaction in equivalent terms. Again a salary increase beyond a certain point becomes a classic case of diminishing returns. The more the quantum of increase the less is the supposed benefit accrued from that hike that too in the form of diminishing returns. Now that it is firmly established, money seemingly does not have a substantial effect on employee satisfaction, there must be certainly other factors influencing the same. When you consider where to find a job, bear in mind money is not everything, workplace satisfaction ranks far ahead.

Awesome Work Culture

Foremost among these seems to be the given business outlook for a given industry in a given sector, and the career opportunities it provides. In addition the values, the culture in which the organization is operating, the compensation along with benefits, how the senior leadership goes about steering the ship and last but not the least the work-life balance affect the morale in a much more substantial manner. The workplace satisfaction ranks far ahead of business outlook. Employee’s give a lot of importance to the work culture and perceived values, alongside compensation and work-life balance requirements. The values translate to employee recognition, morale and transparency within the organization. Thebest job search sites carry useful information on this perennial debate and offer additional insights.


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