Network Your Way to Success


Build From Scratch

How large is your network, do you have one at all to begin with. If you have recently graduated and are conducting a student job search or have been away from the professional world for a while, chances are your answer could be in the negative. Well this is perfectly understandable, don’t despair as you always have the option of starting one right from scratch with help from job seekers website. Whether or not you realize it, a small group of people closer home comprises your network of sorts. Like with everything else, better networking requires clear goals. To be highly effective you need to begin with the end in mind.

Have Clear Goals

A very important advice in job search is to be very clear where you want to reach, only then would you be able to chart a course from your current position to the desired position. When you are clear about your goals, your network would find it much easier to be able to help you. In today’s interconnected world when you are looking for a job it surely helps to add seemingly unrelated people to your professional network. Apparently they may seem to have no connection to your career goals. They may have very limited network themselves, however this should not deter you from going ahead and including them in your network for very valid reasons.

Expand Your Network

Keep your network growing organically, by engaging your contacts; ask for insights on their area of expertise, this way you would be able to learn about their professional world. Share your value proposition with your network; let them know about your job search and goals. Ask who else they recommend you network with, and do not forget to thank them. Consider expanding your circle by including your social contacts. Networking opportunities abound in everyday life. We often miss them as they do not seem to be strictly job related. Well any community where you have built in a solid reputation is indeed a great opportunity to network. Never let a networking opportunity slip away just because you have not recognized it as such, learn from employment agencies that are great at recognizing all such opportunities.

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