The Nuances of Recruiting a Sophisticated Job Seeker


Recruiting is Disrupted

The modern day sophisticated job seeker is disrupting recruiting big time and how. As a recruiter you need to keep abreast with the latest trends in recruiting, irrespective of the fact that you are running your own business or working for a big company, familiarize yourself with the current best practices to emerge successful in the current scenario. The reason is the entities or employment agencies, which do not change their thinking about recruitment, are going to pay for the consequences.

Understand the Sophisticated Job Seeker

If you intend to hire new employees, take some time to understand the sophisticated job seeker and his impact on your ability to hire. The present time is witnessing brain drain of epic proportions, with talented people retiring en mass. The younger lot lacks experience, is looking for a job but needs rigorous training. This leads us to a situation where we witness a desperate fight for limited number of resources, this makes the experienced workers a much sought after commodity at a very competitive price.

Never Visit Job Boards

To offset the massive shortage, one needs to adopt an aggressive approach when it comes to attracting key talent – the problem with them is they are hard to attract, and still harder to persuade to take the job. Again they want more than money. Well who is a sophisticated job seeker? To begin with they rank quite high on the global talent spectrum. May be categorized as passive candidates, as they are currently employed and do not visit any job board on principle. They mimic sophisticated consumer behavior, are extremely methodical and focused in their approach when it comes to searching for their next employer. In their world view, they never want to work for you but are always glad to work with you. Any good job seekers website will tell you more about the same.

Smart Search Tactics

They know how to find a job and are willing to hobnob only with someone befitting their ideals as the right person with the right connections to find the right employer for them. To zero in on the ideal employer they adopt some really smart search tactics. They do a whole lot of research and create interview bucket tips, by following the companies they really admire on social media. They do their homework well and focus only on companies they feel a connection with.

Rethink Recruitment Strategies

Where to find a job is not at all a problem for the smart lot. They circumvent the cumbersome job application process by finding someone on the inside and directly getting referred to the recruiting manager, thereby accelerating the hiring process that fast tracks them right ahead. They study the prospective brand to understand its requirements and corporate culture. Great companies are now compulsorily rethinking their recruitment strategies in order to retain great talent and remain competitive.


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