Leverage Social Media for Career Success


Network, Network and Network

If you happen to be looking for a job search website in India, this might come across as a revelation to you. A vast majority of jobs are never advertised, they belong to a category fondly referred to as the hidden job market by the recruiters. The only way to be able to access them is to Network, Network and Network.

It is just not about what you know, rather who you know. In the present scenario, the job market works on referrals and word of mouth. Majority of jobs go to people who actively network on social media. So you guessed it right, the time has come to sharpen your networking skills and get the job you always dreamed of.

Consistent Professional Image

The art of getting a job has changed dramatically over the years. It no longer limited to submitting resumes and cover letters to employers, it also entails establishing a professional media presence, while simultaneously using all the traditional channels of searching jobs. Name any recruiter or employer, you would find, they are invariably using social media to hire employees. How to find a job has now become easier with Social media provides you 24*7 constant networking availability and opportunity. Utilize the same for your next job search.

Help me find a job; well best thing to do is start by building a consistent professional image across all social media channels. Proactively seek and follow companies on professional groups like LinkedIn and twitter. Join groups, blogs and participate in discussions.  You would be able to keep yourself updated while establishing yourself as a thought leader and an industry expert. Make good use of related portals like You Tube and others as well. Social media is indeed a powerful way to network and is the perfect answer of where to find a job.


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