Interview Secrets for Introverts


The Initial Hiccup

You are looking for a job in India like most other folks and happen to apply for jobs online. Next you get an interview call and all hell breaks loose, it is not your cup of tea you say. Interviews are a nerve wracking experience for just about anyone and more so for introverts. They dread it like anything, it is kind of wake up in a cold sweat situation. One would rather get their teeth pulled if they could possibly avoid an interview. The truth though is, no matter how much you dread it or try to avoid it, if you ever want to work you need to appear for the interview, prepare for them diligently to be able to fare well and come out with flying colors. Well it is easier said than done, especially if you are not the outgoing type and an extrovert to the core.

Solo Cushion Time

Well as per job search websites certain tips and tricks need to be employed so that you can sail through the process and emerge a soon to be employed champ. To begin with be very clear on one thing, introverts do enjoy being around people, but they need solo cushion time to recoup the energy spent during the interaction and comfortably get back to what they were doing. This knowledge is crucial for the interview, find a quiet spot, allow some me time, before the interview, this would help you collect your thoughts and give you the requisite confidence, you need maximum energy during the interview, this is absolutely crucial to scoring the job. Spend some alone time afterwards to recharge yourself.  Introverts do resent small talk, they feel it is pointless, well the thing is no matter how much you abhor chit – chats employment agencies say interviews are one such occasion where you cannot skip the casual conversation.

The First Impressions

Having a couple of questions ready that you may throw in as and when needed is a great tactic. Don’t remain content by bringing up the weather, instead find out whether the person knows about hidden gems in the office neighborhood. Job search engines say the ultimate purpose of the interview small talk is to build a rapport with the interviewer, make the person like you, by no stretch of imagination is this waste of time at all, how else are you going to clear the first stage of the interview, breaking the ice, that is. You need to focus your best efforts in the beginning and end. Best online job search websites say interviewers form their first impression in the initial few seconds. Do not forget to thank the interviewer at the end. Try and match the interviewers tone, highlight your introverted nature; being a natural listener and observer, you instinctly seek obstacles and pain points, others happen to be facing, after you have gathered ample information, you try and make thoughtful and impactful contribution, adding immense value to the work place, thereby enhancing your chances with the future employer.


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