Essential Social Media Lessons


Need to Connect

Whether working in corporate planning jobs in India or medical jobs in USA, the present day executives are bogged down by time constraints more than ever before. The economic situation in part is responsible, so are the ever changing industry regulations, the simple day to day tasks of management, and the fast moving information. Today’s business climate somehow traps the business executives in a virtual cell, literally speaking and oftentimes it is the unintended fallout of executive information imprisonment. In simple terms such a work place leaves the executive isolated and alienated as there is very little by way of insight into what goes on to boost the employee morale, the prevalent culture, and on goings during a normal workday.

Social Media a Boon

They are sort of blinded by the very reflection of their own to do list, this compels them to take recourse of the social networks to be able to stay connected to the same people who go about executing daily tasks within their organizations. In addition people do use Facebook and twitter besides LinkedIn as they are great tools to keep a track of peers and work colleagues. It is interesting to observe busy executives finding time to check the social media profile of their staff at least once a day. They do want to keep up with their staff but simply do not have the time to do so in person, which happen to consume a lot of time. Social media is a boon as it helps the ever busy bosses to stay on top of what their teams happen to be doing, it gives them a convenient snapshot about the happenings as well as work without actually sitting around the conference table. When you apply for jobs online for jobs for freshers, bear in mind, not only do you start getting tracked on the social, you are on the radar after joining the workplace where you continue to work.

Pros & Cons

The irony however is the very same social networks are blocked when employees try to bring them in. The main reservations are overriding concerns on control, besides a lack of understanding for want of time as to how employee led tools fit into a communications hierarchy. They do not want to put any energy into the uncharted social media waters, how it can be strategically and sustainable deployed to benefit the organization. A clear vision of the future direction of social media is indeed required for any company’s success. Essentially busy executives do want open communications with their employees but not at the cost of performance slow-downs. When the company is exploring its options, it is critical to evaluate the social media tool’s impact on productivity, the work culture, peace of mind. There is an inevitable shift towards open and rapid communications, the sooner the organization gets ready to unlock the doors to a freer information economy the better. The scenario is going to be promising whether you are you are targeting bank jobs in India or hotel jobs in Canada.


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