Avoid Acting Desperate During a Job Interview


Being Too Eager Can Backfire

When you are applying for jobs online, you are probably doing whatever it takes to secure an offer from one or more companies that you have applied for jobs in Pune or jobs in Bangalore. It is all really very good and shows up as your will and drive to improve your lot and change the current situation. The trick is not to appear way too eager to your interviewer else it would be a big turn off for the interviewer from the word go. So far so good, you would definitely get a callback in the event you have been fortunate this far, but the road ahead is filled with unexpected twists and turns. It is therefore prudent to heed some sane words of advice before you head for the interview.

Talk About Your Strengths

The moment you happen to step into an interview room for information technology jobs in India, the person or the committee for that matter which is going to conduct the interview tends to hold all the power with regards to the ensuing conversation. This is actually true until you yield all the power to them, you always have the leverage to assert yourself by discussing about your strengths and accomplishments as and when the opportunity presents itself. You may begin by talking about specific instances of specific endeavors you have undertaken in your previous positions. Do not let any opportunity pass by, where you can highlight your initiatives that have gone on to improve the lot of earlier workplaces.

Be Assertive

Most probably you have done a whole lot so far, whether conducting a job search in India or job search in USA, it is only prudent you take great pride in your stellar accomplishments and bring them across the table, without ever underplaying or minimizing your past efforts. Feel free to discuss your concrete accomplishments that brought about tangible improvements in your previous companies. Tell them how you would help the prospective organization to improve its lot by functioning better and achieving greater success and growth with your inputs. In the end all that matters is not just why they would want you on their team, rather why they are actually going to need you in the workplace. It helps to act assertive not desperate.


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