Busting Recruiting Myths


Recruit In Reality

Many recruiting myths abound that seemingly cause interference with smooth hiring process. They have roots in poor interviewer training, past experiences and off course not to forget the office legends which supposedly keep them alive. A successful interviewer is one who is able to overcome these myths and be do full justice to the process by being able to recruit in reality. Let us examine the myths when looking for a job and dispel them at the earliest. Each year millions of interviews take place with job search website in India, they tend to add to the already existing litany of parables. Let us examine a few of them with the view to dispel them and emerge successful. It is said that good interviews always happen to select the very best employees.

Hoodwink Your Way

Well there could be nothing farther from the truth, whether it is medical jobs or any type of fresher jobs in India, many qualified candidates oftentimes simply happen to lack the requisite interviewing skills. Again nerves besides sundry outside factors beyond control do affect a candidate’s ability to interview reasonably well. On the other hand unqualified candidates, who happen to possess really refined interviewing skills, often get past the stringent scrutiny and land the job, as they happen to present themselves really well and do seem to fit in perfectly with the team. Address this disparity by not relying solely on the interview performance; ensure a background research is carried out. It is quite likely despite your best intentions, a bad hire gets through, and turns out to be a weak contributor, immediately replace with the number two candidate.

Evolve With the Job

These myths most certainly interfere with the hiring process. It is never the good interviews that presumably happen to select the very best employee. Nor good questions seem to reduce hiring errors, whether it is jobs in Bangalore or Delhi. Experience does seem to compensate for the lack of a degree, by way of life experience, work history and personal disciplines, in exceptional circumstances but not in every case. The managers higher up decide who gets hired, not the recruiting manager, depending on the departmental budget. Go for a good fit candidate who evolves with the job, redefines the job and takes your organization to the next level.


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