How to Research For a Job Interview

Stand Out

More and more people are applying for corporate planning jobs in India or accounts jobs in India than ever before, making it difficult to get to the interview stage, given the competitive job market scenario. To be able to make it, you surely ought to devise ways wherein you can stand out from the crowd. The most sensible thing to do beat the competition is to fully research the company in question as thoroughly as possible, so that you end up feeling pretty confident in discussing their services and background. Additionally you got to be aware of the marketplace where the given company operates along with the commercial realities from both the customer’s and the company’s perspective.


Whether looking for jobs in Mumbai or Pune, finding everything about the business or the company to the best of your ability, helps you gain a natural edge over and above other applicants, besides it demonstrates and underlines your genuine interest in the prospective organization. To make life easy for you let me share some pertinent information here. You must know where to look for advice. The following insights would surely be helpful in showcasing your due diligence and professionalism in carrying out a background research prior to facing the interview per se.

Company Website

Never leave any relevant opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion for the job in particular be it the bank jobs in India or automobile jobs in India. It helps to know the ethos, mission and the core values of the given company. The most important thing is to be able to talk with a high degree of proficiency as to why you think you are a great fit for the company. Start with the company website, it is a veritable treasure trove of information, for certain reasons you need to move beyond the official website to garner a holistic picture, again Google is the best place to do so.

Social Media

Not to forget the recent news about the company and the current industry information. Last but not the least the ubiquitous social media would tell you a whole lot more about the organization then you probably would be able to scoop out on your own with preceding web searches when looking for a job. To enhance your potential value, clearly demonstrate your core competencies that you can transfer right across thereby strengthening your prospects of finally getting hired, the latter answers your how to find a job query pretty well.


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