Personal Brand Strategy

The Concept

Most of us have spent our working lives in marketing and corporate branding, have we ever paused and given it a thought, that the very same concept can be applied to ourselves on an individual basis. Back in the old days, professionals used to employ self – help techniques for self improvement, which was quite good. The times have changed now, and if you wish to be successful, you need to brand or re-brand yourself as the case may be. Whether you are a fresher or looking for a job, it is advisable to conduct online job search in India, to begin with you may upload free resume on a best job search site.

Self Packaging

Self improvement has given way to self packaging, wherein you market yourself and your career as a brand. To be able to accomplish what you want, be it hotel jobs or bank jobs in India, one seriously needs to position accordingly. You can begin by understanding what all you stand for. Then identify the attributes which you would like others to see in yourself, the ways and means in which you can portray them. Certain tools and techniques prove to be quite helpful in determining the desired outcomes like mind maps, personality tests and career assessments.

Be Consistent

Say for example, you want to portray yourself as being creative and strategic at the same time you need to put across that you have innovative ideas as well as an eye for design. Whenever possible, present compelling evidence for your branding efforts. Try and lend a fair degree of legitimacy and uniformity of your personal brand, by maintaining consistency across various social media channels. Whenever you engage online, ensure you have the same profile picture across social– be it Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter even it is for jobs in Ahmedabad or Pune.

Living Entity

This equally applies to all your personal and professional efforts as well, whether it is on websites, through emails or through social and professional networks. Focus on quality over quantity, and do all that is necessary to drive home your personal brand. Always bear in mind a brand is a living entity, over a period of time, it is either cumulatively enriched or undermined, being the product of a thousand small gestures, this holds true while you are looking for medical jobs in India as well.


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