Current Employment and Training Trends

Paradigm Shift

As the year draws to an end, it is time to take stock of what worked well and what did not work on expected lines, it could be a prosaic online job search in India or universe job search as well. One thing that prominently stood out was the increased interest in video over text based modes of communication especially its impact on training in particular and leadership skills development. The economy is showing sure signs of improvement and the workforce is witnessing shifting age demographics, with majority falling in the younger age bracket. And this age group is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way it wants to communicate, with enabling technology readily available for end users.

Knowledge Retention

Video is now gaining currency vis a vis the text based communications that were the only mode available. When you apply online jobs or upload free resume, be prepared to move beyond just phone interviews, video interviews have become the norm these days. Give the changing dynamics; leadership development and training are going to be impacted big time. In the face of these challenges companies need to adopt and weave compelling video training resources to be able to deliver required results in the face of sweeping changes. With the economy showing clear signs of getting better with each passing day, job hopping is surely going to be on the rise. When many employees leave their current unsatisfactory work positions for greener pastures, and also with people retiring, knowledge retention, on boarding and management training becomes all the more critical.

Emerging Requirements

Workers have emerging needs of opportunities for meaningful work, whether it is jobs in Mumbai or Delhi. Again on demand information and flexible schedules are the norm rather than being the exception. This also necessitates social learning with continuous learning as well. In the given scenario to be able to meet the emerging requirements of the shifting demographics, the constant movement of the workforce especially of the entry level workers with ever-shortening attention spans more effective ways of communication is required.

Evolution of Video

Video has become the preferred communication mode in our personal lives, the corporate environment is witnessing the same wave of change for the very simple reason; video is simply more engaging, immersive and impactful then plain text. Besides, it helps to preserve institutional knowledge, simply by recording and then sharing subject matter expertise. It is interesting to note, simply by employing the right immersive tools, companies can ensure the effectiveness of their learning and development programs in the face of changing demographic and economic factors and emerge successful. Keep the above in mind while looking for information technology jobs in India or industrial jobs in India.


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