Organizational Stress – The Enemy Within


Employees Worst Hit

A scary workplace environment has a substantial cost attached to it. Juggling work and personal issues, lack of job security, work load or people issues. No matter whichever way you happen to look at organizational stress, you would invariably find it to be an enemy within. It surely does have serious consequences for the health of the employees as well as the prosperity and efficacy of the business. Bear this in mind for fresher jobs in India or BPO jobs in India. If it is not addressed in a befitting manner, fundamental issues would crop up with attendant leadership problems, they are going to surely have a snowball effect on the people who matter the most, the employees.

Hold People Accountable

There is a crying need for holding someone accountable, to ensure the business runs quite like a high performing, well oiled machine. Proactively enquire about the corporate culture, when looking for or jobs in Pune. Generally the owner or the company managers take care of this; however that does not mean they happen to have the best qualification to shoulder the responsibilities be it accounts jobs in India. Let us try and get to the root of the problem, a number of factors, precipitate the issue, it could range from apathy, lack of pride in employees, inflexible approach adopted within an organization. For any number of reasons work stresses do fester and invariably creep at the most unlikely of times. You may prefer to lead your troops with an iron hand while encouraging a uniform behavior, all of that might seem to bring in results at least initially. Evidence however suggests otherwise, an inflexible approach trying to usher in uniformity results in a workforce lacking in enthusiasm.

The Ramifications

This leaves huge financial and emotional burdens of work pressure. In a nut shell, the negative impacts are a bit too many ranging from poor job performance to high staff turnover rates; it eventually results in stress and burnout. There is a mistrust of organizational leaders, employee relationships are strained and at the end of it all, there is a loss in profits. Organizational stress has serious financial ramifications for employers as well as employees. A transformation managerial style works way better than a transaction management style, maybe it holds the panacea for all corporate ills, this holds true of insurance jobs in India or automobile jobs in India.


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