Steer Clear of these Hiring Practices

Business leaders

As a business leader you have been interviewing people for bank jobs or hotel jobs in India for a while, you have selected one of them after rigorously short listing people. So far the going has been extremely good, only to find the new hire metamorphosis into a workplace nightmare. To begin with the person appears to be a perfect fit for the job position in question with the winning smile and the crisp business suit. After a while you find the same person to be dishonest, unprepared, disinterested and disgruntled as well. There is more to it than meets the eye. A bad hire adversely affects the organization in more ways than one. A bad hire starts making dents into the fabric of your workplace, the moment he or she steps into the work area.


It may not be apparent initially, however, when you scratch the surface a bit, you would be able to sense simmering discontent, leading to disenchantment. This results in a higher than normal turnover, and at the root of it is the biggest culprit of all, workplace stress, which more often than not is the direct fall out of a person not fitting in with their job, gelling in with the manager or soaking into the organization’s culture. Other than job stress, turnover is also attributed to perceived or real unfair treatment. Add to this is poor handling of work / life balance besides inadequate compensation. To avoid potential issues it is advised to go for per-hire assessments that by and large are able to predict an accurate job and culture fit, be it fresher jobs in India.

Productivity Plummets

Besides a bad hire does drag the productivity down and cost the organization lots of hard earned money. Following these commandments would ensure you would not err and suffer. Never go about recruiting people only because they happen to be just like you. Do not ever pick the first candidate who walks through the door. Ensure that you always cross check references and pertinent information that has been provided by the applicant on his resume. Try and talk less while listening more at the same time. Make use of every possible opportunity by posing open ended questions that do require a complete and meaningful response displaying the respondent’s knowledge, replete with feelings and emotions that you may gauge from the response. Whether looking for jobs in Bangalore, ensure you are attuned to the ground realities of recruiting per se.

Closed Ended Question

A closed ended question elicits a yes or no response, which in itself is not much of use to analyze, assess and arrive at a decision about the candidate’s personality and fit with the organization. Hiring must never be based on the recruiter’s comfort zone; rather it should be made solely on the basis of the candidate’s requisite qualifications and experience. Never search for candidates in too small a pond, meaning get out of your comfort zone, leave no stone upturned and make use of all possible resources, to hire only the best candidate. Never ever delay the hiring after you have zeroed in on the best candidate and last but not the least never offer a job based only on your gut instincts. Whether you are going for insurance jobs or automobile jobs in India keep this information handy and emerge successful with flying colors.


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