How Resilient People Overcome Rejection

Bounce Back

Have you ever paused to ponder and taken note of the fact when some people are turned down for jobs in Bangalore or Mumbai, they take it to their heart and get quite personal about it, with end of the road looming large in the horizon. They stop trying and then nothing moves forward, everything comes to a standstill. Then there are some people who always seem to bounce back from any rejection emerging stronger than before, say from hardware jobs or accountant jobs. In the course of personal or professional life each one of us is likely to experience a string of rejections. Mentally strong people display a remarkable characteristic of utilizing that pain to grow even stronger and better.

Rejection Stings

Whether you happen to be excluded from any social engagement or the fact that you were bypassed for an imminent promotion, rejection does hurt. Now it is up to you to decide and choose the appropriate way to respond to that particular rejection be it with international business jobs in India or healthcare jobs. The way you respond carries the potential to determine the entire course of your future as well. Let us look at a few ways mentally strong people adopt to overcome rejection. These people do not ignore the pain; deny its existence by brushing it under the carpet, they do not make any effort to ignore or suppress it. On the contrary they openly admit the fact that they happen to be sad and discouraged at the moment, they are quite candid about their disappointment and embarrassment.

Live Life to the Fullest

It goes without saying they are quite confident in dealing with uncomfortable emotions head-on, this approach is pretty much essential in coping with the discomfort in a healthy manner. The thing about rejections is it stings, trying to minimize it by convincing yourself, it is no big deal hardly ever seems to work, it is only going to prolong your pain, the best way to deal with it is to face your fears head on. In the event you never get rejected it goes on to show you may be living far too much inside your comfort zone. On the contrary when you are turned down every now and then it goes on to show you are living your life to the fullest, be happy and content about it. Treat yourself with compassion and refuse to let rejection define you; however make sure you learn from each rejection whether it be with job search in India for fresher jobs in India, rejection per se teaches you a lot about how to find a job and where to find a job.


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