Disrupt Yourself for Career Progression

Start Small

Take a leaf out of companies, who start small, then go on to create a new market for hardware jobs in India or Automobile jobs in India, before they garner the necessary muscle to usurp the established market leader. By disrupting the established set of norms and market practices that the erstwhile leader followed they create jobs in Kolkata. Netflix gaining the upper hand over blockbuster is a case in point, made possible with disruptive innovation. When viewed on a more basic level, individuals certainly stand a greater chance of achieving success, status and earnings by adopting the path to success whose basic premise is being counter-intuitive, by disrupting themselves for career progression.

Pick Up Momentum

It is quite possible to land a job in Pune or a job in Chennai, in the financial trading marketplace as a secretary having no experience at all to begin with, though you might possess a degree in music, of course that would have no bearing on the present work. Nevertheless you can definitely work your way up, say to the level of an equity analyst by bridging the gap with a night course, and who knows your research might be cited by people of repute, then one fine day you would leave it all to don the entrepreneurs cap and end up providing fresher jobs or healthcare jobs to others. The S curve can be applied to the job seekers in the very same fashion it is done to small size companies, who enter the marketplace in a relatively weak position. By and large they stay under the radar, till such time momentum picks up and leads to hyperactive growth. The trajectory is quite like the technological life cycle. It starts modestly, and then comes the tipping point, with enhanced momentum and scaling up with excessive growth which finally tapers into a saturation point.

Take the Call

This scenario is best illustrated by people starting off with no confidence at all as they have no business credentials or connections to fall back upon. The focus for a person then should be to act in an entrepreneurial fashion, and take a side door entry into insurance jobs in India or medical jobs. This approach may evidently seem riskier to begin with but is attributed to eventual success in the long run. Employment agencies in Delhi say you should not be swayed by surface elements like ambiguity, and never adopt an oversensitive view to taking ever bigger risks; they surely pay you well over a period of time. Do not be bogged down by risky outcomes, ambiguous ones are far better than the former because most people let go off the opportunities as they are governed by a heightened specific neural fear alerting response. They would have been better off taking the call, rather than letting the opportunity pass by and slip out of hands forever.


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