Acing Video Interviews

Anytime Anywhere

We are living in the age of 24*7, with seamless connectivity anytime anywhere, and it is only a matter of time when technology permeates into our professional spheres. The same is happening exactly right here and right now. So far we have been content with basic job interview practices for jobs in Mumbai or jobs in Hyderabad. At the most we were glad with adopting the best practices and this was more than sufficient to get us to where we intended to in the very first place. With more and more companies making video interviews mandatorywe need to take long and hard look at the entire process. A cursory glance at the whole thing throws up couple of interesting things. It becomes obvious you need savvy and skills way beyond what has seen us through the interview process so far and stood us in good stead.

Pick Up the Ropes

In order to be able to count on a really effective and successful video interview, you would need to pick up the ropes and that too quite fast as the next one may be round the corner. To give yourself the best chance possible for accounts jobs in India or insurance jobs in India, you need to familiarize and equip yourself with every possible aspect pertaining to the whole process. You have to be careful irrespective of the fact you happen to be camera friendly or camera shy, as over confidence is a big no. Again you should never come across as stiff, nervous, awkward looking, unprofessional or overly casual in any manner whatsoever. Also bear in mind that visuals are really important in creating the first impressions.


It is an established fact that attractive people have more interviews coming their way, they tend to earn more money. It needs to be reiterated that even attractive people who are well dressed as well can and do mess up with their video interviews, as they fail to pay attention to the basics when it comes to comes interviewing for HR jobs in India or Corporate planning jobs in India. To save the hassles as well as expenses companies conduct live or pre recorded interviews with a given set of questions. You need to be particular about your body language. Try and maintain a good eye contact. Do smile, but don’t overdo it. Need to control any nervous energy or fidgeting, you surely need to calm your nerves. Pay heed and optimize your posture as well as your posturing. Last but not the least, choose the right device and the right hardware as it is of utmost importance to feel relaxed, adjust the lighting to optimum. Take care of the desired internet bandwidth. Face it with confidence and luck would shine on you.


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