Your Career Destination

The Corporate Ladder

Asked about career path different people react differently, like aiming to be a VP a decade from now or a world expert couple of years down the line with jobs in Pune or jobs in Noida. For engineering graduates, they might wish to migrate to sales or marketing in due course of time. Thinking forward and dreaming is really encouraging however it helps to step back at times, and put a framework around how to think about the experiences you built over a period of time. It is true they occupy a lot of time and energy as far as conversation regarding careers is concerned, however climbing the corporate or business ladder with corporate planning jobs in India is not the only way to think about careers.

The Journey

Again do you view your career to be a journey or a destination? A professional career is a destination for lot many people. They start their career with the express goal to achieve a certain degree of proficiency or stature in the chosen field of work be it information technology jobs in India or interior design jobs in India. The destination then can be a role in best job portal, a certain level of achievement, a particular company or any other specific or measurable goal. Many people begin their careers through the lens of an explorer or adventurer; they view the world as a big place that awaits exploration. They chart their meandering journeys criss crossing from one role to another or from one organization to another for that matter. You need to be moving thoughtfully through these experiences, while timing your moves to achieve a certain degree of proficiency, a predefined level of success and satisfaction this perfectly answers help me find a job.

The Destination

Focusing on the destination is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is not to be construed as a set of exclusive skills that everyone might not possess, time and place play an important role in the achievement of this type of goal. To achieve this you need to make lateral moves at times and mange through various changes in the landscape. Ensure you apply 360 degree thinking and explore all possibilities to do great work, this way you would create viable alternatives for yourselves while opening the doors to newer opportunities with jobs in Delhi or Mumbai and paths taking you closer to your career destination be it industrial or hardware jobs in India or any other option that you have decided for yourself.


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