Manage Your Career Like 007

Portable Skills

Are you a James bond buff, the fictional character created by Ian Fleming ruling the hearts of millions across the world? To the uninitiated it is the longest running film series grossing astronomical sums. There is a certain magic to the character and a method behind the madness that holds the imagination of the masses. Even if you are not swayed in by the charms, still there is a lot to be learnt and implemented, whether it is your life or your career. Let us take a peek at his functioning. Key learning’s from his approach that can well be taken up are portable skills that can be applied in a work situation to manage professions whether you are currently employed in online jobs in India, you always need to be in the prepared mode, need to be discreet and be able to make use of available resources while looking for a job in Pune or a job in Mumbai, all the while keeping an eye on your target. The ability to build alliances and be constantly able to reinvent yourself will stand you in good stead in your career and take you a long way on the path to success.

Double Agents

Be on great terms with everyone but steer clear of double agents. Be discreet with your active job search, refrain from using company systems, mails for communicating with prospects, or while applying for jobs, be it jobs in Delhi NCR, as companies regularly monitor the online activities of their staff. Like the protagonist use any and every possible resource to get out of a tricky situation, learn to leverage on what is easily available. Do your homework really well so that you do not flounder with how to find a job and the subsequent job interviews, find out anything and everything possible about your target company. The best answer to help me find a job is learn to analyze, anticipate and come across as a great problem solver in demand in an interview situation. Like bond you need to consistently and continually nurture and grow your network, and use it the moment such a need arises. People are more than willing to help you once they appreciate your genuine sincerity.

Leverage on Your Strengths

James bond has seen way too many iterations, each time he comes back with far greater relevance in terms of entertainment and aspirational value, the reason for his longevity is he reinvents himself, you need to constantly do the same to remain relevant in an ever changing marketplace to be successfully able to cope, keep pace and meet with newer demands. Employment agencies suggest trying newer fields like job search in India. Keep enhancing yourself to avoid getting out of style and fading into oblivion. Take stock of your strengths, leverage on them try and take them to a higher level. Get a certification to upgrade and accelerate, an MBA would work wonders, by all means go ahead and get the same. The most important thing is to be resilient, and keep bouncing back from seemingly temporary setbacks. No matter what you do, add a dash of flair and élan to it, and great sense of humor.


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