Effective Participation In Group Discussion

Range of Parameters

According to job search website various organizations employ group discussion as an effective tool to evaluate a candidate’s personality for best healthcare job in India and the like, this is done in addition to written as well as face to face interviews, not necessarily in the same order. What essentially is a group discussion and what all does it entail. To begin with it involves a group of participants who are given a topic and then made to speak on the same for a particular amount of time. The idea is to analyze the candidates on a range of parameters like communication skills, soft skills, and knowledge of the topic as well as the ability to perform in a team.

Expand Knowledgebase

Job search engines say a GD is surely helpful in that it provides ample opportunities for various candidates to be vocal. When you are looking for a job it helps to know of tips and tricks on how to find a job or where to find a job. Apply for jobs online to commence the process. Once you get past the initial screening and get to a GD, do not be caught unawares, instead do some homework beforehand, essentially a GD is an ideal platform for the participants to expand their knowledge as there is a significant exchange of ideas and opinions during a GD. Instead of wondering about help me find a job, heed these tips; they may even help you find jobs abroad or help you with student job search. Sit upright and be natural, come across as confident. It is strongly recommended that you be yourself. If you try and attempt to be someone else your thoughts will not come across as lucidly. You need to gather your thoughts and evaluate the topic, quickly analyze its pros and cons and then speak. It would be really helpful if you speak up first, as they say first impressions are lasting impressions, they leave a really good impression on the evaluator who is conducting the GD.


To ace a group discussion while you are conducting a student job search, learn to choose your words wisely, eye contact is a must as you are being judged constantly, and the impression that you leave is that you are genuinely interested in other people’s views and not just your own. Try and demonstrate receptivity by slightly nodding your head at opportune moments while the other participants speak. Whenever you get a chance to speak make it a point to buttress your claim with facts, quotes, experiences and real life examples. Ensure you communicate your thoughts in a lucid manner, which is only possible with adequate knowledge of the topic being discussed. Finally good luck is needed by all the aspirants for jobs.


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