Startup Gigs Vs Corporate Jobs

Compare and Contrast

Looking for a job and wondering how to find a job or where to find a job precisely speaking, for an aspirant there are options galore, ranging from startup gigs to corporate jobs. When you say help me find a job do check out the various job opportunities and their intrinsic differences. Your preference for a particular start up or corporate environment depends to a large extent on you personality as well as your priorities. At times it helps to discover viable alternatives, preferably before you finally settle for a company of specific size. It helps to compare and contrast between startups and corporate on some of these parameters, pro-activity, impact, responsibility, learning, team, pay, commitment, perks, tenure, recognition among host of others.

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Before you even apply for jobs online, to find jobs abroad, job search websites say, go ahead and explore your options thoroughly for best healthcare job in a start up or corporate segment. To begin with the atmosphere is less relaxing in a startup as one has to generate work by starting initiatives. The basic premise is you have to generate work yourself, whereas in an established corporate setup, clients or managers face problems and they bring across the same to you for solving them. The environment calls for targets and certain objectives that you need to accomplish. In a startup environment you are really essential, your mistakes may harm the organization, again your efforts can provide the much needed boost to the company and contribute a whole lot to the startup’s success per se.


say, in a corporate environment you are always substitutable, and flexibility is the key in startups, especially when you happen to conduct a student job search. Whereas you need to become an expert in a corporate setup within well defined work functions. A newly established business requires you to be your own trainer; you would find quick saturation in corporate establishments with the learning curve flattening out after a while. The learning curve at a challenging startup venture is always steep and remains so for a long time, that leaves you with very little help to improve yourself and you end up being responsible for your growth.


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