Turn Your Motley Band of Connections into a Useful Network

Sound Advice

Best job search sites say, mere acquaintances do not make a network and would not go a long way in furthering your career. You need to think beyond them if you wish to network professionally and move along successfully in your chosen field. The fact remains one day or the other you are going to need a robust network to fall back upon, when you happen to be looking for a job due to sudden job loss, or when you are switching jobs for that matter. By all means go ahead and create a rock solid network. With some sound advice you would easily be able to accomplish your objectives, without fretting over spending lots and lots of time over coffee dates and having to attend umpteen networking events.

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Open the Doors

Job search engines suggest some possible and plausible ways to go about it. At present you are engaged full time in a best health job and as you happen to work with colleagues, it is quite probable that you would include them in your mental network automatically. Spending time with them is a given, however to include them in your network, they need to be a meaningful connection, and prove to be of potential value long after you have left the current workplace. The basic idea is to get to know your coworkers as well as you can, the premise is simple, once you open the doors to the next person, you invariably open the doors to the persons known to him or her.

The 80-20 Rule

When you are seeking reasonable solutions to how to find a job, where to find a job,help me find a job and are trying to strengthen your network at a reasonable pace, it helps to get personal with the people you know, like congratulating them on a recent promotion. Ensure all your connections feel valued. Employ the 80-20 rule effectively, whenever engaging with an old friend or a new connection, primarily it is allowing 80 percent of the time to the other person, while keeping 20 percent for you, this limits self promotion to a bare minimum, while the other person gets the attention he or she deserves. Be prepared and excited about burning some non productive professional bridges and deliberately drift apart from some people so that you can make room for others, who prove to be awesome for you as well as your network too.


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