How to Prioritize Effectively

How to Prioritize Effectively

Planning Is Half Work Done

The sooner you learn to prioritize effectively, the more efficient you become, while saving time and energy, not to forget the reduced stress levels you experience as a result. At times it may start seeming that the whole world is kind of crashing, chores, commitment, responsibilities start piling up and there are just not enough hours in a day to fulfill your obligations. The idea is to learn to prioritize the tasks into various distinct categories and levels of difficulty and approach them as any professional would do. It is said that planning is half work done, well begun is half done, and a good start is an unfailing sign of half the work accomplished effortlessly. This can come in really handy when you are looking for jobs in Chennai or even part time jobs in Chennai.

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Assign a Time Frame

No matter whether you have a busy week ahead of you or a crazy day or you are just thinking about everything you need to accomplish by the year end and that is simply driving you nuts. Irrespective of the nature of your commitments, you invariably need to prioritize the tasks in hand by assigning a time frame for effectiveness. You need to be able to manage priorities efficiently in order to be able to translate the attendant stress into something of a meaningful action. Goal setting can be broken down into two categories, short term goals and long term goals; if you need to accomplish certain tasks within the next couple of hours or for the day, they fall within the ambit of short term goals, this pertains to freshers jobs or online jobs.

Effective Goal Setting

Again certain goals relate to your accomplishing long term ambitions, which could take you weeks, months or even years to accomplish. The trick is to breakdown larger goals into smaller ones with clearly delineated steps in order to be able to manage them like finding a job in Gurgaon or checking out job openings in Chennai. The most important thing to remember is that efficient and effective goal setting would definitely lead you to success. The key is to rewrite urgent things and bring them to the top of the list or else settle for an unordered list if everything is important in which case you may approach the list alphabetically or randomly. At the end of it what really matters is getting things done, and you actively keep on ticking things off the list. It helps to rank the importance of each task as high, medium or low. Judiciously allocate time and energy depending on the urgency of each task as also the level of difficulty, whether it is easy, moderate or difficult.

Attack the List

Job search websites say having set your priorities it is time to attack the list, start with one thing at a time and ensure that you see it right through to completion. At times you may find it prudent to delegate certain things and relegate other things for intervention at a later time. We can safely conclude that prioritizing for tasks, whether it is to maintain personal efficacy or be on top of your work involves making a list and keeping an eagle eye on both short term as well as long term goals. You must be able to trash the unnecessary at the very first opportunity, also remember to breakdown larger activities into smaller ones. In order to be constantly reminded and apprised of the developments you ought to keep your lists handy and in sight as well, just ensure you do not end up overwhelming yourself. At the end of it all just ensure that you are not too hard on yourself at any point in time. Balance your work, online jobs and home responsibilities accordingly to take care of your spouse and children besides work responsibilities.

Dear reader let us know what is your take on effective prioritizing as a tool and its role in your personal and working life?


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