The Four D’s of Productivity



Embrace a New System

Each individual whether looking for a job or engaged in medical jobs in India aspires to achieve more in less time, in other words wants to maximize productivity. As an employee or even in your personal capacity you may have tried a multitude of strategies over the years to reach max productivity though with limited success as they go against the grain for they involve habit changing actions like waking up early or exercising regularly for that matter. Simplicity is the key to success, herein comes the four D’s of productivity, where you are not required to change a long standing habit, all you need to do is make some allowances, tweak a few things and effortlessly transition into embracing a new system.

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They are:

  1. Do
  2. Delegate
  3. Delete
  4. Delay

The beauty of this approach lies in the fact that it applies equally to an early riser or a night owl, is quite useful for online jobs search for international business jobs. The system is without biases, and does not require time to be ingrained into your routine. Let us look at the constituents of the aforesaid system one by one.


Whenever you have something arriving before you that is really important and only you can do it like checking out online jobs in Bangalore or applying to job vacancies in Bangalore, go ahead and deal with the task immediately. Accomplish the task and strike it off your to do list, it prevents you from wasting any further time on deciding whether you should start tackling the same, if so when and ends your dilemma right there and then. Once you are done and over with the task, you can go ahead and focus your attention on other projects. It may just be something small, like a routine mail or something major. What really matters is if the task in hand fits into the two basic criteria, you have to do it.


Job search websites are of the view that it is quite possible that a task crops up while you are in the middle of something, which can be handled by or should be taken care of by fellow team members or colleagues, go ahead and delegate it. This would free your time so that you can focus on relatively more important tasks that lie ahead of you and your team members get busy with clear priorities.


Job search engines have a simple advice, just go ahead and delete right away any and every task that you deem unimportant. Rather than adding to the swelling to-do list, deleting tasks at regular intervals helps keep your list manageable, freeing up time for tasks or projects having more importance.


Best job search sites say, in the event you are unable to manage your task with the above three suggestions, you need to set a reminder for revisiting the task at a later time. When you delay a non-urgent project, the first thing that happens is, it removes the pressure of getting things right away while letting you target more important tasks first, like scanning recent jobs in Ahmadabad. 


Strategies for maximizing productivity, fall flat on their face as they are unable to break longstanding habits, switching to effective systems is the answer.


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