Do You Ever Feel That Planning for the Future Is a Pointless Exercise?

The verses of a well known tune goes something this way, When I was only a young lady, I asked my mom, What will I be, Will I be beautiful, Will I be rich. This is what she said to me. Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be, will be, what’s to come is not our own to see.

Achieve the Goals

GoalNo matter you happen to be a stargazer, or a perceptive you could never have the capacity to foresee the future with any level of assurance. As people we do everything inside our compass to arrange and fulfill our objectives.

What Will Be, Will Be

Post marriage she offers the same conversation starter to her better half and the answer is practically the same, once she has youngsters, they ask her the same thing, to which she answers ever gently, the future’s not our own to see, without a doubt what will be, will be.

Man Proposes, God Disposes

As a negligible mortal, every one of us need a superior future for ourselves and our off springs, we endeavour to make one, certainty remains, man proposes, god arranges, individuals can and do make arrangements, be that as it may it is in the hands of god, who at last decides how things will turn out.

Be Comfortable With Discomfort Be Comfortable With Discomfort

We should concentrate every one of our endeavors on things that are inside our control. Reality however is you can’t extremely well go

ahead and anticipate the future in any way at all. Which conveys us to the way that one have to figure out how to be alright with inconvenience.

Find out About Your Mind

It blossoms with the idea of instability, while beating the propensities of diversion and additionally lingering. It helps you bigly when you to attempt to contemplate and find out about your brain.


Make some moneyTry and profit along the route, to fight off indeterminate times, make reserve funds for a secret stash, contribute it carefully and watch it become over your lifetime. Instead of misusing your time on unremarkable things, concentrate on accomplishing something advantageous so that after a critical period you have something considerable to appear and not be disillusioned with the outcomes.

Accomplish Something Worthwhile

Stop from whiling ceaselessly your time on television, diversions, online networking, and such different things, take a stab at getting something which has enduring quality, such as portraying, blogging, video blogging, coding, composing applications or notwithstanding assembling your treat business.

The Humdrum of Routine Living

This in itself would appear to be unimportant right now, over a time frame you would have gotten some awesome abilities along the way, while satisfying your innovativeness, giving tremendously required redirection from the uninteresting of routine living, whatever it happens that you accomplish as a profession.

Getting Comfortable With Uncertainty

Comfortable No wonder, pondering about what’s to come is undoubtedly an intense inquiry, regardless of what your age happens to be. There is truly no reason for attempting to make sense of each and everything. Despite what might be expected getting settled with the possibility of vulnerability is the most ideal route forward.

Begin Small

When you begin something little and perhaps fabricate it consistently. You determine fulfilment and satisfaction, when that little exertion develops in worth over a timeframe you, you are loaded with wonderment.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

It’s a given dependably be prepared for circumstances, so you can make roughage while the sun sparkles. Never forget the happiest individuals don’t as a matter of course have the best of everything, they benefit as much as possible from everything that comes their direction.

Last words

Never demand arranging and speculating for the future, rather concentrate on things that matter the most right now and there is no motivation behind why the future may not end up being exquisite. As it is said the future comes without rushing too much, in this manner it bodes well to acknowledge the past, and hold onto the future as and when it comes, while living in the present.


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