Build an Reputation for Your Work to Secure Your Job

This might have happened to you, maybe, maybe not. There is a really impressive company and you are keenly following it, a very well-known person suddenly calls it a day, you probe further and what emerges is the fact, the person has lost his or her job. But no need to worry, you can go best job search websites. Where you can find your jobs and help other to find jobs. Are you one of those who revel in deriving some sort of guilty satisfaction? You may end up telling yourself, deep down, the person may not have been really that talented anyway in the first place.

What is the Secret?

You may also feel that the development is a positive one as it paves the way for more and more up and coming talent. Weeks later, when you have mentally moved ahead, there is the news of the person landing on their feet with a new job position at an impressive organization. Now it is your turn to start wondering, what is this famous person’s secret of bouncing back right away after a seemingly unsettling setback, is it talent or is it something else.

Hidden Genius

Well it is not some mysterious or hidden genius that keeps creative sorts employed while they wield full control over their destiny. When you probe a bit deeper, you would be able to figure out it is their ability to be able to build, from grounds up and be able to serve an audience. Come to think of it, the exit of someone who has thousands of followers on social media, say twitter or others is not going to be a quiet affair.

Behind The Scenes

More so if you happen to work behind the scenes, for some reason or you are not the face of a particular department or a company. For your kind of a person the best possible job insurance is having a solid audience. You may be wondering how it works in your favor, the important thing here is to understand that although the job market may be risky, people tasked with hiring are absolutely risk averse, and they have valid reasons to do so.

Known Commodity Is Always Safer

They invariably follow the dictum, known commodity is always safer. Job search engines are of the opinion that the way the job search websites market works is people are more inclined and more likely to hire professional friends or other people with whom they have worked before. Therefore it all boils down to who you know rather what you know, which effectively translates into one known commodity is recognized by other well-known commodities.


Now think of exactly the opposite of this where in a super talented person is without any audience. You may be technically very sound, possess great skill, and of course do great work. The individual and the team are extremely happy with the efforts and the outcome. In a perfect world this would be a win-win situation, however we live in an imperfect world and as per best job search websites; this leaves the person vulnerable to uncertainties as far as the employment situation is concerned.


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