The Psychology of Job Success for better Future

The definition for success is unclear in the corporate world, to say the least; you need to work on your version of accomplishment. And the standards you set for yourselves may range from being very high, or too low or may be just about right, actually it all depends on what you want your personal success to be in reality.

Success is Not a Standard

Ask anybody from any field and s/he would readily tell you about the quest for success.  Expert says that only you can tell what is not, success is not a standard by any given yardstick provided you are able to observe the phenomenon really closely. Talking about your working life if you are looking for apply for jobs online, you are engaged with a job in Kolkata, you find people use the word quite often and they tend to use it rather lightly as well. You need to work on your definition of success.

The Actual Search

Again it may come across as surprising, quite some people don’t really care and those who do have a very vague idea of what it actually might mean, despite this people hanker after success. Since the latter never bother to pause and ponder they are unable to arrive at any clarity on the issue. Various folks define success in their unique characteristic ways as they see it, let us look at a few of them, according to the best job search sites.

International Business Jobs

For some people it is a thing that you have to seek each and every single day in just about anything that you happen to do. People working for bigger corporations especially at senior positions in international business jobs feel that you need to be vocal about it, refrain from being too loud so as not to annoy others. Success to them is more about the actual search than the result per se.

A State of Mind

As a matter of fact it all about being alert, keeping your eyes and ears open regarding all possible career avenues that one can take to advance their career. Success is what your bosses and colleagues need to think you want. People join workplaces mostly wearing a smile on their faces, some leave with a frown, others still wear the same smile, and still others are ambivalent to the whole issue.


Some equate success by getting promoted by the year end; others are happy with a salary hike, still others say success is what you want it to be. The realization that you are already successful may sound strange, but is entirely true and it goes a long way. Success in not just a mere word, it is a state of mind. The moment it becomes really important, you are bound to make it happen be it jobs in Ahmadabad or jobs in Bangalore. Success then is just a representation or projection of your happy self.


When you talk to anyone from any field, you will find the person wants success, even if they do not have clarity on the issue or a clear definition of success.


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