Why Performance Appraisal Is Essential For Jobs?

Performance appraisal (PA) is the process of performance review or evaluation wherein career development is discussed and the employee job performance is documented and subsequently evaluated by the immediate superior or department head as the case may be. It goes without saying that performance appraisals when they happen on a regular interval are really effective in eliminating skill as well as will issues, addressing the quality of work as well as rectifying behavioral inconsistencies.

Motivation to Do More

motivate-yourselfWhen these issues are addressed and the anomalies corrected, employees find all the motivation to go ahead and contribute still more. The supervisors or managers who conduct the appraisal are able to correctly identify and thereafter offer corrective course of action so as to facilitate and enable employees to be able to focus on their work related goals and activities by apply for jobs online. The exercises serves to enhance the performance of entire teams, that too organization wide.

The Human Resources

Human-ResourcesA well designed performance appraisal system is adequate to address these sorts of issues. When we look at the overall scenario, the human resources professionals come into the picture; the outcome of the appraisal determines the final and binding decisions of the concerned HR professional with regards to work assignments, promotions, salary hikes and the like.

Gain Valuable Insights

Gain Valuable InsightsThis need not intimidate the employee, on the contrary a decent performance appraisal system opens up hitherto ignored or missed insights for employees as far as past performance is concerned and the opportunity to be able to learn from their mistakes as they can’t afford to continue making the same expensive mistakes in their future work and dent their chances of success in the coming time.

One on One Sessions


The problem with larger organizations is that employees are unable to carve out quality time with their supervisors given the hectic schedules. The performance review affords a one on one session where issues, challenges are discussed and plausible solutions arrived at with a given time frame to iron them out. At times it so happens that employees do not get along very well with their managers. When one scratches the surface it is found that such problems have their genesis in communication or rather lack of it.


Talking of long term benefits, employees stand the chance of gaining recognition for their achievements and accomplishments. If for some reason they were not able to perform up to the desired level, the organization steps in to assist with the required training and development inputs along with the relevant modules. It is the perfect opportunity to go ahead and address long term goals, which may not get highlighted every now and then. Employees are left with a heightened sense of self-worth as they perceive to be of greater use which in turn makes them feel valued and important. What more can a company asks for, a strong hr jobs in India presence in the organization is the big ticket to success.


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