Busting A Few Common BPO Career Myths

What are the myriad perceptions that people carry in their minds as far as a career in the BPO industry happens to be, AI or artificial intelligence has already started making ominous news, but it is too early in the day to be worried about the same.

Time Is Ripe

Time CrunchThe time is ripe to go ahead and bust some prevailing myths, like the notion that it is only for fresh college graduates, or for people who have been unsuccessful elsewhere and are looking at generating some seed capital via incentives, for the next venture.

The Notion

Well to put the BPO Jobs in India or the business process outsourcing industry is no longer only about the aforementioned things, this notion was partly true when the Industry was in its nascent stages, this however no longer holds true.

Global Brands

Of late BPO has been rechristened to BPM, where M represents management, these days the industry serves mission critical and utmost demanding processes of established global brands at a fraction of cost for what that brand would have paid in their own country.

Equal Opportunities Employer

Valuable SkillsIt is indeed an equal opportunities employer, which is fast approaching the 50 billion dollar mark. The interesting thing is women constitute around 50% of the workforce here. Add to this it has been the largest employer in the IT / ITES sector, for the past couple of decades.

Specialized Professionals

Interestingly around 20% of the workforce is comprised of specialized medical jobs in india professionals, like lawyers, engineers, doctors, scientists, accountants, and many more who add immensely to the value proposition as well as the bottom line and showcase the country as center of excellence for niche service offerings at great prices with precision and competence.

Final Thoughts

It was thought attrition was a result of working night shifts, as the industry consolidated and people became more aware about the functioning of the global economy, they came around the fact that working 24*7 is a common phenomenon with hotels, hospitals and airlines as well, and since then the dust has settled down as people have come to accept the kind of working hours as well as the perks that comes with working in BPOs.


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