Your Lack of Experience Is Indeed Good for a Startup Job

Most job seekers are faced with this dilemma at some point in time during their career, a catch-22 kind of situation, meaning – you have to gain work experience, even before being considered for a hr jobs in India, how in the world is anyone going to have any sort of working experience without landing a job in the first place.

The Paradox

ParadoxWell this paradox has been resolved to a large extent by the arrival of startups on the scene, and it is quite possible that your career change draws you to a fledgling startup. Again the best thing about them is by and large, they exist to question the prevalent norms, defy the status quo, disrupt the existing order and gain market share by addressing customer pains and turning them into pleasant profits.

Basic Framework

It is all the more better if you come from a non traditional background, for the Basic Frameworksimple reason that this very framework perhaps has equipped you with the necessary skills and the desired perspectives, that are an exact match for startup requirements. When norms are challenged, newer ways of doing business arise, as people go on to find ever innovative ways of catering to the demands of an ever changing marketplace insurance jobs in India.

Bridge the Gap

You may not have realized it up until the time you set out to contemplate yet newer ways of finding out fresh solutions for existing problems, the lifeblood of a startup. Fret not, for it is not much of a demanding stretch, as far as your background goes, whether you happen to come from a large corporate environment, or a seemingly unrelated area of work like social work or arts. You do not need to strain yourself as there are ways to bridge the gap from where you have been to where you want to reach.

Valuable Skills

Valuable SkillsThe leap has to be authentic, like the leap of faith. It is imperative that you possess valuable skills in the first place, so that you don’t need to add spin, and package yourself in a way designed to make you look like a better fit than you really happen to be. If you have been working for a large company, working within the bounds of specific procedures and processes, you would find the start up environment to be diametrically opposite, the latter is characterized by a less structured environment.

Final Thoughts

If you happen to possess specific knowledge of a certain industry, the robust network of your valuable contacts, the specific know how with regards to processes and structures, you may prove to be the all important missing link that a startup requires crucially to scale up. In essence you infuse the right degree of professionalism, empathy, rigor, the all important qualities, that are required to take the start up to the next level. You stand to gain in a bigway, with a distinctly all together different skill set, when it comes to move from the idea stage to the growth stage.


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