Take a Look at These Must Asked Interview Questions

Interview is the most crucial stage in the entire recruitment process. It goes without saying as and when you appear before a recruiter or an employer for a face to face interview, you must come across as completely prepared as anything less than that would be a complete waste of your time and energy on bpo jobs in India.

Key to Success

Odds of SuccessCareful preparation includes answers to even the tricky questions, that are thrown your way. Let us check some of the most asked questions, so that you are better equipped to handle the pointed queries and come out with flying colours.

Key to Success

The first one is a very generic question, tell us a little bit about yourself? well the best way to answer this question is to present biographical information, followed by demonstrated ability for taking up the position by displaying confidence, which is the key to success in any interview situation.

Impeccable Integrity

The candidate puts forth relevant experience, expertise and qualifications, backed with solid commitment, quantifiable hard work and impeccable integrity. Relevant facts need to be presented in a lucid, precise and clear manner. The expression of thoughts has to come across in a sure and certain manner, without any trace of mumbling and fumbling.

No Stock Answers

Right AnswersThe next question could very well be, what attracts you to this work position? well think before you answer this question, if they come across some stock answers, with some commonplace phrases, like I am really attracted to the promising growth prospects, varied as well as interesting work, and a solid employment agencies in Delhi with a fabulous work culture, they are bound to get upset.

Bring in the Best Return

Instead bring in some serious as well as specific reasons like communicating your desire of using your skills and experience, that would bring in the best return, plus the ability to gel and work well with the team for higher productivity.

Concrete Facts

Interview QuestionAnother question can very well be, what are your strengths? Here the candidate needs to first emphasize on all of those qualities that are most pertinent for the job in question. Just making a fleeting mention is not going to be sufficient, compelling evidence has to be provided based on concrete facts.

Clarify and Quantify

Don’t just go about mentioning that you are a sociable and neat executive, you have got to clarify as well as quantify, your strengths, be it sociability, diligence or punctuality, how you listen to consumers and redress their grievances.

Self Declared Flaws

The following question could very well be, what are your weaknesses, well any intelligent candidate would hardly come up with a litany of sins and repentance, or a long list of self declared flaws. So how does one go about answering this question.

Final Words

The response should be such that it furthers the interviewee’s cause and enhances his or her chances of getting hired. It could be something on these lines, for a whole lot of people I come across as a workaholic, I have no idea, how to relax, I feel good only when I work. At the same time I am too demanding of myself as well as others. If you are asked, you do not have any perceived disadvantages, the candidate has to invent one at the spur of the moment, some quick thinking is required.


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