A Career in Hospitality is Like Constantly Being on Holiday

India is an attractive destination and draws people from across the globe, for varied reasons, its diverse geography, topology, culture and tourist offerings. There are mountains and beaches, historic world heritage monuments like Taj Mahal and Qutab Minar among other unique and varied entertainment destinations.

Passion for Recreation

Hotel Jobs in IndiaConsequently you will find a multitude of interior design jobs in India and career options in this burgeoning industry, from concierge to chef, front office to back office, it offers ample opportunities to people who have a passion for travel, leisure, food or recreation.

All Expenses Paid Holiday

A career in hospitality is like constantly being on holiday, well there is certainly an element of truth to it, although it is not entirely an all expenses paid holiday. You are not going to hangout in bars, restaurants or hotels all day long, getting by doing minimal work.

Exciting Careers

For others, working in hotels is just a stop gap arrangement till better things come your way. And then you would find a majority of people pursuing lifelong careers in the hospitality sector and these careers can certainly be challenging as well as exciting and varied. At the same time they require a whole lot of dedication and hard work from successful hospitality professionals.

Food, Accommodation & Drinks

hospitality jobs in india 2Before one embarks on a hospitality career it is imperative that you initially devote significant amount of time to discover what the whole thing is really all about. Primarily, it is about food, accommodation and drinks.

Have a Good Time

It is all about tourism, travelling, various attractions & customer service. Essentially it is about helping people have a good time while they go about enjoying themselves, till such time they are out and about.

Extraordinary Professionals

Come to think of it, all of us encounter these extraordinary professionals all the time who happen to be working in the hospitality sector, be it the occasions when we go out for a drink, or grab a bite, or go on a luxury cruise, or exotic world tour for that matter.

Fascinating Industry

It would be apt to say that without the dedication and hardwork of people who devote their careers to this demanding yet fascinating industry, our leisure time and social life would never be the same and we would not eagerly look forward to spending quality free time.

Pubs and Clubs

Pubs and ClubsIt helps to get the facts right, at the very onset itself, hospitality is never going to be the typical 9 to 5 job. Hospitality professionals working in pubs and clubs primarily have evening working hours. This sector comes alive at the same time when tourism industry gets busy.

A Friendly Disposition

Hotel jobs in India is all about providing efficient, friendly, and utmost attentive and focused customer service. A friendly disposition, patient nature, and some superlative communication skills are indeed essential to thrive in this industry, along with tact and diplomacy.

Final Thoughts

The thumb rule to working here is to really be wanting to work, this has to come from within, and not imposed from outside, you would find it incredibly difficult to be helpful and friendly, if you do not happen to be thoroughly enjoying yourself while you are working here be it service, production, kitchen, rooms division, banquets, night clubs, fitness centers, spas or the splendid swimming pools.


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