What Should Job Seekers Expect When Joining a Startup?

Have you met an entrepreneur lately, when you do just ask the Thanks-Universe-Jobsperson about the challenges encountered at the beginning? One of the things that would crop up is the difficulty in finding a bunch of committed and talented people who can form a dynamic team. The usual practice is to start scouring people for building the A-team through references and networking. In addition to this one still needs to recruit from the open market. It is not unusual for job seekers to harbor biased expectations on the basis of success stories. To some extent early employees did make a killing, with the passage of time, as things began settling down success ceased to be quick and celebrated.

Debunking the Myths

Undoubtedly there are many a myths and beliefs existing around working in a startup environment, be it looking for a job, let us debunk these misconceptions. A job seeker carries preconceived notions in his head while switching to a startup, for him it is going to be a small team, offering a fancy designation with fast track promotions. He feels he would be an integral part of various strategic meetings wherein he would be able to share his creative ideas and have all of them implemented. Working in startups is trendy these days, and he would have the added advantage of gaining some decent cross departmental exposure as well.

Complete Ownership

The environment offers a fair degree of flexibility by doing away with formal controls, processes, checks and balances. It enables a new employee to manage his personal and professional engagements with consummate ease. On top of it all the organization might quickly be able to scale up, get successful and be able to make an early exit as well. These notions are not entirely true, and one must not join a startup simply because of these assumptions, for if you do chances are you will end up with disappointments. So what does a startup offer in reality as opposed to the above presumptions. Well the place offers an unparalleled opportunity to team members to assume complete ownership of their actions.

An Ocean of Ideas

It helps to be a go getter possessing a never give up attitude, thus making you reliable as well as trustworthy. Here team spirit is the guiding motto, you got to align yourself and contribute in the achievement of the highest priority objectives. You need passion more than a designation for meaningfully executing your duties and responsibilities for job seekers website. One needs to be disciplined and self driven to be able to manage the flexibility accorded. It is teamwork that brings in the ultimate sense of satisfaction and achievement. A startup is invariably an ocean of ideas, and all team members must take full onus for successful execution of ideas for singular common good.


To succeed in such an environment you need to be hardworking as well as smart working. The place is a big no for faint hearted people. To sum up start ups need extraordinary employees, who are able to commit themselves in a team, enabling the team to achieve way more than individual capacities.


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