9 Most Important Tips to Engage Your Employees

High performing companies rely on high performing leaders who continuously engage their personnel, and ensure clients receive exceptional services as a result. We are listing 9 amazing engagement tips to help you really improve the performance of your employees and teams as well.

Get to Know Your Employees

Know-Your-EmployeesWhen you take time to listen to and learn about your employees interests, you go ahead and build relationships with your employees. You may not really appreciate it right there and then, the fact remains this exercise does have a positive impact on employee attitudes, motivation and engagement.

Provide Basic Training to Your Employees

When employees understand their roles and responsibilities they tend to be more engaged. A better understanding Basic Trainingof the job responsibilities automatically results in higher levels of performance as well as commitment to the organization. To this end you need to go ahead and provide your employees with the requisite job training so that they are able to do quality work and excel in their career. Such employees say they have a very clear idea of their job responsibilities and are therefore able to offer their very best back to the organization.

Develop Your People

Develop-Your-PeopleDeveloping the people working for you is immensely important not only for the employees or the company but also for yourself as a supervisor or manager. Opportunities for growth and development happen to be a key driver to ensure employee engagement as well as accelerate organizational success. It is observed that employees, who happen to develop their skills, and grow at the same time, are all the more likely to stay with the organization and recommend it to others as well. Apparently it may not seem to be substantial; however when you look at the overall picture it helps the company to build on talents and teams that is required to be successful.

Recognize Your Employees

Recognition from a manager or the immediate supervisor is a very important motivator for employees. Besides Recognizeencouraging positive behavior, appreciation helps promote long term top performance. A thank you note or a nice job can go a long way. It helps to highlight the recent accomplishments of the best employees in physical forums or online bulletin boards. Recognition should be easy and highly visible to all employees across the organization for it to be effective.

Encourage Teamwork

Best Friends

Team work is a direct by product of the culture of openness and trust between employees and their supervisors or managers. It is a tried and tested fact, when employees feel they are a part of the team, they go ahead and willingly invest more time and energy in their jobs.



Build a Customer Focused Team

Henry Ford once famously said, coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success. Today each employee is highly customer focused, understanding and anticipating the needs of both internal as well as external customers. True professionals are geared to meet and then exceed customer needs by offering timely, efficient as well as economical solutions.

Coach Your Employees

Coach Your EmployeesThe onus of coaching your employees lies with you; it helps them to understand their responsibilities as well as your expectations. It must be borne in mind that regular coaching increases overall engagement of all the employees.

Future Proof Performance

Future-ProofEmployee engagement is the best investment that a company can make for the privilege of future proofing the organizations productivity as well as performance. The inputs of such employees warrant immediate action in best interest of all stakeholders.

Act on Employee Feedback

feedbackIt is really important to provide credible action on an employee survey as people are really interested in viewing the results as quickly as possible. Post survey action has to be really fast as nothing destroys the credibility of a survey faster than a lack of action which goes on to reduce employee engagement.

What else do you think can be done for better employee engagement?


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