How to Generate New Ideas for a Career Change

Often times when we think about our work and our future, we tend to approach the whole thing randomly. Getting reactional and analytical or being dreamy is diametrically opposite of getting serious about finding a new career. One needs to be able to generate concrete ideas before initiating the career change process.

Capable of Doing

When you are considering your options for a new career you got to think in terms of the things that you know you are capable of doing. If you are considering going after a particular job, first of all you need to convince yourself with credible evidence that you would be able to take on the responsibilities that come with the field.

The Evidence

Evidence may come in any number of forms, be it qualifications, skills or experience required to pursue a given profession. It is quite possible that you have enough passion for a given subject, so much so, that you can go ahead and carve a profession out of it. Identifying your skills is the most basic thing that you need to do before embarking on any sort of career change.

Transferable Skills

When you happen to be looking for a new job in an altogether different industry, being able to isolate your transferable skills is indeed a boon, for it is your big ticket to career success. Imagine the ease you would find in convincing potential employers in a new career field by seamlessly transferring the relevant skills on to a new work role.

Skill Analysis

You need to do a skill analysis by thinking in terms of what you achieved in your life this far and the ways and means you adopted for achieving the same. Say for example you have worked as a project manager for a long time; this speaks volumes about your ability to be able to influence people, get them involved in the project and go on to make it a success by devoting their skills and time to the undertaking.

Powerful Influencer

Come to think of it, if you are able to go ahead and prove beyond reasonable doubt that you can come across as a powerful influencer, it will give you an immediate advantage when you apply for positions that may not be directly connected to project management but involves persuading other people to move out of their comfort zone and undertake still newer and challenging tasks.

Make Use of Vivid Life Experiences

Now that you have got thinking and are brainstorming ideas, why stop on your earlier work experiences while contemplating about the skills that you can bring along to a new career path. You need to dig into every type of life experience, and you never know what sort of inspiration and fresh ideas you would be able to come up with which would not be possible in the normal course and never cross your mind otherwise.

Scheduling Manpower

Just think of something as insignificant as functioning as the captain of your school or college sports team, drawing up plans for training teams, did you say that was long ago, well there is no reason the same cannot be used in a career that hinges around devising schedules and rotas for effective management of human resources that is an important component of managing any manpower intensive business.

Final Words

You need to be able to appreciate the complexities of certain careers.  Always remember possessing even a single skill can open up multiple career avenues for you. If are able to write well, are curious as well as skeptical a career as a journalist is not the only possibility. You are naturally predisposed to being a success in consulting environments, where you happen to analyze various things on behalf of your clients.

We encourage you to explore your options with zeal and vigor, and don’t forget to write back the trials and tribulations you experienced en route.


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