Top Time Management Tips for Work Life Balance

Someone very rightly said, each one of us has exactly the same number of hours as any famous and successful personality, be it Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or even Albert Einstein. To be able to achieve something close to these luminaries lot many folks tend to be hyper-productive in their approach.

Type A Personality

Type A PersonalityYou will find these people scurrying from one task to the other, they always seem to be hyperactive, type A personalities. You would always find them organizing things, checking and responding to emails, making a call or running errands. Such kind of people subscribe to the always busy school of thought.

Time and Energy

Always staying occupied is the equivalent of putting in the required hard work,Time and Energy to their mind it is eventually going to make them successful.This may be true to some extent, but the constant effort leads you to mindless productivity. In this rigmarole you tend to waste time and effort on insignificant and inconsequential activities costing you valuable time and energy.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not HarderTo overcome this mindset, you need to adopt a really simple strategy. You ought to work smarter rather than work harder all the time. Go about any kind of work keeping the above fact in mind and consciously applying it all the time. You would witness a sea change in your own attitude and how you approach various tasks.

Be Thoughtful

Always try to be thoughtful, always ask yourself if there is any better way of doing things to infuse more efficiency in your approach and experience better outcomes. Just think that managing your time is not just about squeezing too many tasks into your daily working hours, it is all the more about simplifying your approach to work.

Simplify Things

When you start de-cluttering, doing things faster you easily relieve stress and make the all-important time for play, simplifyrest and all the people who really matter.Trust us when we say there are ample hours in a day for everything you wish to do.

Re-arrange and Re-imagine

All that is required from your side is a bit of rearranging along with some re-imagining to get you on an even keel.Some tried and tested time management tips that can nudge you in the right direction and help you manage your time effectively are being listed here.

Refine Your Practices

Each individual is different from the other so you need to take the following advice as a catalyst that will spur thinking on your part and prod you to refine your practices. The following should act as a pointer so that you are able to pick and choose or devise your own strategies.

The Golden Rule

Golden-RuleThe golden rule of time management is to complete the most important of tasks first, so go ahead and attack the crucial tasks for the day at the very onset. In addition to this, learn to say no at times, this will help you honor your time commitments. Ensure you get adequate sleep which hovers around 7 to 8 hours a day to be really effective.

Final Words

The task on hand should have your undivided attention. Go for an early start on any given task to keep procrastination at bay and steer clear of unimportant details, lest they drag you down. Also when you conscientiously turnkey tasks into habits they become natural, enjoyable and manageable even if happens to be writing a lot every day for long stretches. Last but not the least be careful of the time you spend every day on the Internet, TV, Gaming and other such activities as they are a big drain on time as well as productivity.


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