How To Build A Visually Stunning Info-Graphic Resume

Have you ever heard of the DIKW Pyramid, chances are you may have come across the term in part or explored it in detail. Essentially it refers to the models that represent the purported structural and functional relationships between data, information, knowledge, wisdom and some people add foresight to it as well.

Background Check

A natural curiosity question has by now formed in your mind as to the relevance of discussing the above. In today’s competitive job market, employers are highly unlikely to take any sort of risk on a new employee. In order to mitigate the inherent dangers, recruiters go ahead and carry out a thorough background check.

Lots of Data

This involves data and lots of it, information does not have much meaning attached to it, data has, and the inter relation between data further gives rise to knowledge, wisdom and foresight. An info graphic resume is not a mere simple document; it carries a whole lot of meaning , and speaks volumes about you when it reaches the right hands depending on who interprets it and how the person goes about doing it, and with what kind of experience.

Say It with Pictures

Given the tough competition in today’s marketplace, you would be tempted to find ways and means to make yourself standout. As a culture we are a highly visually driven society, and there is an element of truth in the way folks look at visuals and find them quite appealing. As per recently conducted studies, one can convey a whole lot more information, that too faster with pictures than you can with mere words.

Data Visualization

If you keenly look around, you would find visualization of data abounds just about everywhere, be it in the info graphics for best places in the entire world to start a business, or the sleep patterns and schedules of the greatest minds in the history. It comes as no surprise that some job seekers consider turning their traditional resumes into info graphics.

Know Your Audience

The data on the resume is going to be the next logical step, having said that it is getting all the more difficult to fit an entire career span into something of a simple chronological list. By now you must be really itching to turn everything you have got on your resume on to a bar graph or a pie chart. You got to know your audience really well, bear in mind that the makeover does not bid well with every kind of job.

The Natural Flow

Hiring managers by and large voice their opinion in favor of posting an info graphic resume on your LinkedIn profile, however they caution against sending one in addition to a traditional resume or in place of the latter. There is a natural flow to a resume and with good reason; the person who views the resume can navigate the document in a certain way.

Do it Right

It is said that an info graphic resume kind of minimizes the seriousness of the entire job application process, add to this the woes of being unable to scan through the (ATS) Application Tracking System that captures the important keywords for assessing the right fit. You may consider info graphic resume to be a supplement to a traditional resume and if and when you attempt it ensure you do it right.

Accentuate the Achievements

Info graphics ought to be sharp, clever and accentuate the candidate’s achievements. It goes without saying the document should relate in a direct manner to the role the candidate is targeting at the moment. A graphic resume would be a bad idea to try and conceal a bad job history, as it would tend to highlight the fact and appear as attempting to cover up an ugly truth.

Tell an Interesting Story

Another important bit is to keep the resume simple and short, ensure you choose the right color scheme. Lastly do not forget to tell a story that is creative, concise, congruent as well as interesting too. Listing long winded objective statements in cookie cutter resumes is not going to cut it for you.

Final Words

Likewise refrain from listing each and everything that you did ever since you were in the high school. People avoid sifting through boring details and they prefer skipping it all together. You need to opt for something that comes across as far more personal; give your soft skills the hard sell. You need to consider the medium as well whether it is digital or print. A killer resume is easy to understand, so keep it as simple as possible. Round off the exercise with a clear call to action. Do let us know how was your experience with creating an info graphic resume and what all did you learn along the way.


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