How To Work On Your Body Language For Career Success

Simply put communication is the transfer of information from one person to the other, it is a two way process. Being able to communicate effectively is always an asset and happens to be one of the most important of life skills. When you pay conscious attention and develop your communication skills diligently, you are helping all aspects of your life in the process ranging right from your professional life all the way to social gatherings and almost everything in between.

Vital Life Skill

Life-SkillThe ability to communicate effectively with clarity, accuracy and precision, exactly as intended is indeed a vital life skill that should not be overlooked at any given cost. Again it is never too late in the day to start working on your communication skills and reap the benefits thereof and in doing so you invariably improve and enrich your quality of life to a great extent.

Competitive Edge

Professionally you stand to gain a whole lot from better communication skills, Competitiveespecially when you happen to be applying for jobs, or are looking for a promotion with the current employer; these are the times when you would need to demonstrate exceptional communication skills to have that competitive edge.

The Hallmark

The ability to be able to speak appropriately with a wide variety of audience, maintaining the right eye contact, employing varied vocabulary and tailoring your delivery depending on the variety of people you come across is the hallmark of a good communicator. At the same time it is imperative that you are able to present your ideas quite appropriately, clearly and concisely, this would render you all the more suitable to be able to work in a group.

The Tip of The Iceberg

Good communication skills are the most sought after essential skills by employers.One of the key abilities of any Ice-Bergprofessional is to engage in face-to-face communication on a one on one basis or with a number people. One needs to understand the fact that what we say is definitely an important way of putting our message across. Effective speaking is not just verbal communication, using only your voice to communicate is just part of the process, the tip of the iceberg.

Professional Consideration

When you look at the process closely you would find that actual communication takes place employing nonverbal clues, be it facial expression, gestures, our appearance as well as the entire gamut of body language nuances, pitch, tone, intonation etc. In order to get the professional consideration that you truly deserve, your body language should convey that you are confident and know what you are talking about.

An Extra Layer of Confidence

Confident-ManBody language in conjunction with verbal communication works wonders; let us see how we can add that extra layer of confidence to see you through interviews, departmental meetings and conversations with your colleagues. You may not slouch under any given circumstances, maintaining a straight posture while sitting;it conveys a feeling that the person is interested and sure of himself.

Final Words

Whenever you shake hands, it must be like a professional hand shake, however refrain from lingering on for a wee bit longer as it can get somewhat awkward.Ensure you maintain the right degree of eye contact. Always keep your emotions in check in the face of grave provocation even when coming from familiar quarters like annoying co-workers, and maintain a neutral composure and demeanor. Refrain from fidgeting, avoid moving your hands too much, or playing with your watch, hair, etc.It can distract the listener and undermine the impact of what you are trying to convey, non-verbal cues are far stronger than verbal cues, you need to ensure they do not affect you negatively.You need to maintain a good listening posture to convey the feeling that you are truly engaged in a conversation. The right body language opens up the possibility of taking you places by enhancing your potential a notch higher.


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