It Is About Time You Stopped Working and Reclaimed Your Life

Are you contemplating composing your resignation email, or you have written a draft already, it is entirely possible that you have lost interest in the work itself. Many of  us tend to internalize stress, that is when the toxic work life starts to spill over.

The Root Cause

Root CauseIt is about time that we get to the root cause. It is indeed no fun to dread work and not be able to do anything about the same. It seems that somewhere down the line your work took a life of its own and your happiness got usurped in the process.

Immediate Course Correction

At the moment it seems that being stressed out has become the norm for you, well it is not the the normal state of affairs at all. Stress is a warning sign that things things are out of control and the situation warrants immediate course correction.

Turn the Clock Back

The painful truth is countless people are stuck in the same loop day in and day out. Work is indeed one of the Turn the Clock Backtopmost causes of severe stress. Many feel frustrated and exhausted, and wish that it was somewhat possible to turn the clock back and reclaim youthful exuberance.


Time Is Ripe

The knee jerk response is to update your resume and portfolio, tap into your network, talk to reputed recruiters while checking out the available options. All of that is quite fine, however the time is ripe when you stop worrying and thinking about how to be fitting the job into your life.

Sustainable Happiness

It is about time that you start thinking of pursuing such a career that would be pivotal in bringing you to life. Nobody is immune to stress, so try and stay on an even keel, better still strive for sustainable happiness.

Design Your Life

Design Your LifeIt is the perfect road map to fulfillment, where you work hard and enjoy your life in the process . You may fail at times, but you may be content in the knowledge that you know what you are aiming at and you would be mighty pleased when you get there. Nothing is stopping you to go ahead and design your life in a manner that you end up doing more of what makes you happy.

Get Your Mojo Back

And how would you know that, well it is easy to answer, simply consider whether the work you are doing is bringing you joy, energy, purpose, mojo, and the right growth. When you set about striking a balance with these, you would find that it is entirely possible to be happy at work, and definitely have much more time for the people whom you truly love, and also the things that you want to do.

A Sense of Connection

Sense of ConnectionDon’t just work for work’s sake, working non stop would leave a void, a career of your liking on the other hand would give you a sense of connection, purpose and fulfillment as well. The right career would ignite a spark within you, so that your creativity is fired and you thrive to the maximum possible potential and extent.


Untapped Potential

Untapped PotentialIn a nutshell it should help you keep your mojo intact. You definitely need a job that challenges you to go beyond where you find yourself today and help you unlock your hitherto untapped potential.

Keep Your Mojo Intact

Hard work is definitely important but it should not leave you exhausted. To keep your mojo intact look for something that is neither too easy so as to bore you or too difficult and time consuming that it leaves you with no time and energy to pursue other passions.

Final Words

Try and align your work with your ambitions, skills and expectations, and also the right leadership that helps you bring out the best in you. When you are able to accomplish this, you would automatically experience joy, whoever said that joy does not belong in the same sentence as work.


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