Tech Titans Microsoft & LinkedIn Forge Bonds to Change the Way the World Works

Microsoft and LinkedIn joined hands purportedly by exchanging an astronomical sum, the excitement is palpable as the later has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Microsoft. This has left the entire world baffled as the deal totaling a cool 26.2 billion, is by far the largest in its history and one of the most expensive tech acquisitions so far.

Economic Opportunity

Economic OpportunityLinkedIn’s vision is to strive to create economic opportunity for every single member of the global workforce. Both the companies are established professional leaders in their own space, be it cloud services or professional networking and the deal has been sealed with a view to future growth, with more investments and innovations in order to drive value for members and customers.

Come of Age

Jeff Weiner the present LinkedIn CEO feels that Microsoft has really evolved and come of age under the able leadership of Satya Nadella, the organization has become more agile, open, innovative and purpose-driven enterprise. This is what excited Jeff in the first place, the prospects seemed to be quite promising. The reason cited for joining forces with Microsoft were to realize a common mission to empower people and organizations.

Top Talent

Top TalentJeff Weiner goes on to add that LinkedIn members would continue to develop their skills, find a job and be great at that job using the LinkedIn platform all the while. With complete assistance from our side, our customers would be able to hire top talent, market their brand and sell to their customers.

Connect to Opportunity

Users must note that the LinkedIn they know and value is only going to get better and better, while retaining it distinct identity, its brand, work culture and independence. For the past 13  years the organization has been instrumental in changing the way, the world’s professionals have connected to opportunity.

A Scaled Down Version

According to the CEO, this is an opportunity for LinkedIn to change the way truly and effectively, the entire world works on a massive scale.  As the head of the organization I am incredibly energized by what the new development means for members and employees. LinkedIn was not always like this, it was a scaled down version of what you witnessed today.

The Combining of Forces

Combining of ForcesThe combining of forces by LinkedIn and Microsoft heralds the dawn of a new era. In effect it marks the next step in the journey together and is going to prove as the next stepping stone, towards the realization of the common mission and how we envision the future space. Some people are skeptical, they feel that Microsoft’s offloading  about a third of its stock on a social network does not seem to make eminent fiscal sense.

Reinvent Business Processes

Whether or not the two tech giants can go ahead and form a really cohesive and an utterly practical business unit, depends on the robustness of the decision arrived at. Mind you even though you were caught unawares, the decision did not entirely come out of the blue. For those who have been closely following the machinations of Satya Nadella and Jeff Weiner, are aware about a year back Microsoft’s head shared his plans, the first one was to reinvent productivity and business processes.

Real Time Database

Real Time DatabaseOther interconnected goals were to build a more robust and intelligent cloud platform, and give a fillip to the concept of personal computing. A Microsoft LinkedIn marriage promises not just that, it opens up a sea of possibilities for the new entity to make good use of a living, breathing and real time database to generate leads and peddle its products.

Potential & Purpose

Having accomplished what was aimed at, the realization dawned that the organization has begun to realize its full potential & purpose only recently. The mission still remains the same to connect professionals of the world, to make them more productive and successful. The vision is to create viable economic opportunity for every single member of the global workforce.

Final Words

Add to this the possibility of accessing experts from within word or PowerPoint itself, by just building in the functionality of LinkedIn into their productivity suite. LinkedIn will complement Microsoft with its cloud ERP products, specially with the HR module where the latter has a weak presence. LinkedIn with the strong support of Microsoft would give Facebook and twitter a run for their money. Same would happen with Skype and LinkedIn benefiting from each other, all this would be made possible by the vast LinkedIn user base and user generated data over a period of time.


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