What Does it Mean to Be the Best at What You Do?

Have you ever paused to wonder what it means to be the very best and what it takes to get there. If you take the time to examine the phenomenon closely, you would most certainly come across certain characteristics, which you would find across the spectrum as far as successful people go, be they are doers or for that matter they happen to be achievers.

The Best Test

All said and done, these are the ones who go ahead and find extremely effective ways to attain what they aspire and in the process become the very best at anything and possibly everything they do. Are you game for the best test.

Pinnacle of Glory

Pinnacle of GloryWhether you have got within you, what it takes to be the very best and what all it takes to rise to the very top, the pinnacle of glory. First and foremost you have to be an optimist, thoroughly and completely.

See Far Ahead of the Pack

They push to the very limit, and the process brings out the very best in them. Again such people have a very clear vision. Visionaries can intuitively see far ahead of the pack, much removed from the here and now.

An Optimist to the Core

An Optimist to the CoreYou can never reach the top until and unless you do not think there is a top. You must not harbour any doubts at any given point in time that you would not be able to make it. To be an optimist is to be one such person who believes, that things can certainly improve, they can surely be done better.


Begin With the End in Mind

Their eyes are transfixed on the bright future, and what things would appear like when they reach their destined places. No doubt they do work really hard for today, but they live for the future in mind and never ever lose sight of their goals. In fact they begin with the end in mind.

Relentlessly Pursue Excellence

Such people relentlessly pursue excellence. They are really aware that status quo is not for the very best. The premise is very simple, they want to experience what is the very best and become the very best. And they do not shy from giving their very best in the process.

Personal Growth

Personal GrowthThey are sensible enough to discipline themselves accordingly, time and again they put themselves in situations where they can grow without hindrance. Personal growth never happens by accident, people choose to grow over and above anything else.

Go the Extra Mile

Go the Extra MileThey are willing to go the extra mile in whatever they do, and they strive for excellence in whatever they are doing or thinking. As a matter of fact they have a life long habit of promoting personal growth.

Grow in Their Intellect

They are not content in staying at the current level, they find themselves in. It goes without saying they want to grow in their intellect, their work, their spirituality as well as their relationships, in short – each and every area and aspect of their lives.


Final Words

They welcome competition wholeheartedly, their very best strive to lead, they are of the opinion that reaping rewards for self is all well, but leaving a mark by building things that outlast themselves, that can be enjoyed by others as well and serve as reference point for future leaders to see and use as well.


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